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Daily Horoscopes for August 22

Aries: Warning: Your flair for the dramatic could cost you credibility. Nevertheless, as Mercury in your showy fifth house squares the moon, you may catch yourself embellishing a story for theatrical effect or plying folks with flattery so they’ll do your bidding. People will eventually see through the veneer, so refrain from laying it on too thick. Stick to your facts and proven claims, and you’ll earn the support and respect you deserve.
Taurus: Keep your Balenciaga bootie where it belongs, Bull. That means attached to your ankle—and not in your mouth! Today’s starmap features a sharp angle between chatty Mercury and the moon in your sign, leaving you prone to dicey slips of the tongue. Lean in to your compassion instead of your cleverness. One careless comment can poke someone’s pain point. Under these touchy skies, you also risk taking too much to heart. Wait a day before you react to someone’s (possible) slight. Your grounded perspective will serve you after you’ve had time to reflect.
Gemini: So, Gemini, what does your vague post REALLY mean? With the moon in your foggy twelfth house, it might feel easier to be passive-aggressive instead of direct. But a harsh beam from your ruler, Mercury, in your communication zone reminds you that clarity is the best policy. And it goes both ways. If you’re on the receiving end of someone’s muddled messaging, you could tailspin into a bout of paranoia, analyzing their words and wasting hours. The best way to get to the bottom of things? Pick up the phone and just ask what’s up. Notice we didn’t say “text.” Resolve any issues in dialogue, not a warring monologue.
Cancer: Stop plucking those daisy petals, Cancer, and try something more impactful: An old-school “pros and cons” list. With the sensitive moon squaring mental Mercury, you could drive yourself crazy analyzing a situation in your head. To make the best decision, you need to think this through with a clear cost-benefit analysis. Need a second opinion? While it’s fine to poll your peeps, remember that the final choice is yours. Gather a few different POVs, then go with your gut. Only you know what’s right for you.
Leo: Know your allies, Leo—and above all, be one to yourself. With inventive Mercury buzzing through Leo today, you’re buzzing with ideas for the future. Problem is, a tense square to the moon could bring the critics charging. This negativity may come from a doubtful parent or a worried sibling or friend, but their real issue may be a tinge of jealousy. What to do? Keep your brilliant plans to yourself and your mindset positive. You can unveil your masterpiece when it’s further along in its production. When you have more to show, it will be harder for the naysayers to knock it.
Virgo: One foot in front of the other, Virgo. You’re a font of ideas today, thanks to the moon sprinting through your visionary ninth house. But don’t go charging off to the races! With la luna’s zeal getting tempered by your ruler, Mercury, from your hazy twelfth house, the timing isn’t right for action. Take a minute to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul before letting it all hang out. Restore with a deep meditation session or jot down your dreams in a diary when you awaken. This self-care pause will only make your brilliant plans that much better when you revisit them tomorrow.
Libra: Stop spinning in circles, Libra! The moon in your intense eighth house may leave you obsessing to the point of anxiety. Remember: You can’t control what happens to you, just your reaction. Stop ruminating and start doing. If you feel burdened, reach out. A dynamic push from mental Mercury in your collaboration corner could bring surprising insight from your network. You have so many bright, creative minds around you who can contribute to your project and truly make it shine.
Scorpio: Step up to the lectern, Scorpio. Only you have what it takes to control a tense group conversation with style and grace. But don’t expect miracles. Today’s hard angle between messenger Mercury in your success sector and the moon in your interpersonal house may make consensus difficult to reach. Quell any cutthroat tendencies, snap judgements or a propensity to barrel ahead on your own. You’ll have a messy cleanup ahead of you if you don’t include others in SOME part of the process. It might be necessary to table the discussion for a day, or a week, and instruct everyone to come back with well-researched statistics to back up their POV.
Sagittarius: Remember that inspiration often comes with perspiration! Your sign has a way of relying on a wing and a prayer to see dreams turn into realities, but not today, Archer. A dust-up between Mercury in your visionary ninth house and the moon in your sixth house of organization calls for a solid framework. Planning doesn’t have to be stifling. Keep the process light by alternating between reviewing spreadsheets and brainstorming on a whiteboard. You’ll stay ahead of the curve and have the right foundation to see its details through. 
Capricorn: Normally, you can spot a difficult person a mile away, which is your cue to hustle in the opposite direction. But under today’s complex angle between the moon and Mercury, you’ll be inexplicably drawn to the troubled types. We get it, Capricorn. Maybe you’re feeling a little bored by the day-to-day routine of your life and want to spice things up. Nothing wrong with that! But getting involved with this wounded soul is not the way. The temporary high will very quickly turn into an exhausting drain. Shield your field and resist this temptation.
Aquarius: You’re a masterful raconteur, Aquarius, but thanks to a tense formation between the moon and Mercury, your tales could veer into TMI terrain. By all means, share from the heart, but pay attention to who’s in the audience. When you’re this vulnerable, it’s better that you don’t bare your soul to strangers. Recently, you may have exchanged painful words with someone close to you. While apologies aren’t easy, owning your part of the conflict opens the door to resolution. Be the bigger person and take steps towards a happier future for everyone involved. After all, when did the blame game ever accomplish anything?
Pisces: Clever Mercury lights up your hard-working sixth house, springing you into action. But before you can tackle your to-do list, la luna locks into a challenging angle with the messenger planet, bringing interruptions from all corners. Your phone may be buzzing with nonstop texts as people inundate you with demands. Turn off notifications and let your colleagues know you’re trying to focus. If need be, hide out in a coffee shop around the corner with your headphones on. You can celebrate your productivity with a special dinner or a night out with friends.

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