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Daily Horoscopes for July 26

Aries: Today’s stars find you in a refreshingly emo groove, which is not the norm for you, Aries. Rather than taking the logical route, opt for creative solutions. Step away from the spreadsheets, schedules, budgets and timetables, and let yourself dream. What would you do if money were no object and you had all the time in the world? Once you’ve brainstormed from this place, you can mix the practical magic back in again and then hit the accelerator!
Taurus: People can’t actually “make” you feel insecure, but they CAN trigger buried feelings of unworthiness. If that happens today, don’t shoot the messenger! These uncomfortable moments can illuminate limiting beliefs that you’re ready to move past. Instead of pushing away people who make you feel jealous, draw them closer and find out their secrets for being so confident. Hint: It’s probably got NOTHING to do with how they look or dress but more to do with how kind they are to themselves. Even the strongest plans need a periodic review, Taurus.
Gemini: Do everything in your power to maintain composure today, Gemini—and yes, that may require Herculean strength. With the moon opposing peacekeeping Venus, someone may lure you into an emotional conflict, pushing your buttons just to get a rise out of you. Resist engaging in no-win interactions like these. By giving the energy vampires your attention, you’ll instantly lose power, points and credibility. And then there’s the fact that it’s just plain exhausting!
Cancer: Keep those WhatsApp notifications switched on today because an opportunity could come in from afar. This could be the very thing you’ve been waiting for, Cancer. Not that you should sit idly by, hoping to hear a ding. Take the initiative to DM a potential collaborator. Luck is on your side, especially if you cast a wide net. They say that teamwork makes the dream work, but is a joint effort starting to feel like a nightmare? If you’ve never set up a process before, you might give that a try. But if everyone’s committed to chaos, get out while you can!
Leo: The green-eyed monster could make an appearance today, but don’t let that override your good sense. Although you may feel competitive (even jealous), reacting in a vengeful way will only bring you down. Find a neutral third party who can help you process what basically amounts to a temporary confidence dip. Underneath the storminess, you’re tapping into something that you want. Once you identify the desire, start vocalizing it so people can help bring your vision to life.
Virgo: Relationships are like mirrors, Virgo, reflecting back all the parts of yourself that you’re proud of…as well as the ones you’d rather not deal with. When a loved one pushes your buttons today, don’t start pointing the finger of blame. Instead, look within and see what vibes you’ve been bringing to the relationship. If you want to change this person, start by amending your own approach or coming at the sticky subject from a completely different angle. Best thing you can do? Talk less, listen more.
Libra: Get to the point, Libra! You’ll lose your audience by telling too long of a story or going deep into the emotional realm. You can fill in the details later, but people only have so many hours in the day. If you’re preparing a presentation for this week, map out an outline instead of freestyling. Work on an elevator pitch if you have something to sell. If you only had 30 seconds in the lift with someone, how could you dazzle them?
Scorpio: While today’s stars find you in a romantic headspace, you’ll still need to be smart about the choices you make. We don’t have to tell you, Scorpio, that it’s not always wise to let it all hang out. That’s especially true when trust hasn’t been fully established. But when you’re swooning for a friend crush or potential boo, your defenses can drop and leave you extra vulnerable. Aim for “authentic” without oversharing. Even an open book can reveal itself one chapter at a time.
Sagittarius: Take time to add the personal touch today, Sagittarius. This is what sets you apart from the competition. People truly enjoy communicating with you! And with your keen understanding of human nature—plus your quick wit—you generally put people at ease. Nurture the friendly bonds with people you want to connect with. Initiate a FaceTime or meet up for a post-work drink. These laid-back vibes will make it easier to talk shop at another time.
Capricorn: Ditch the black-and-white thinking (and thinkers!) in favor of a more nuanced outlook. With the moon opposing charming and diplomatic Venus, you’re interested in comparing multiple perspectives instead of getting hung up on finding the “right” answer. How about organizing a happy hour discussion group, Capricorn? Pick the topic, invite your five most philosophical friends, and discuss!
Aquarius: Every penny counts today, so be mindful of where your money is going. Got some extra coin saved up? Allocate funds for something that’s built to last rather than a trendy, flash-in-the-pan retail therapy splurge. It would be better to invest twice as much in something long-lasting, especially if it brings you daily doses of happiness. Shop around!
Pisces: With the moon in Pisces, it’s a fine day for self-expression. Be careful, though, because thanks to la luna opposing diplomatic Venus, unpolished sentiment could stir up conflict or come across as confrontational. While it’s great to share your thoughts and ideas, be sure to create a safe space for others to do the same—especially on social media. This is about starting a conversation, not a Twitter war, right?

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