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Daily Horoscopes for January 22

Aries: Constructive criticism is the name of the game on Saturday morning as the moon wraps up a two-plus day stint in Virgo and your sixth house of systems and details. Pepper some positive reinforcement in with the feedback though. People will be more receptive to your words if they don’t feel like they are on the defensive. Thankfully, your diplomatic side emerges later in the afternoon as the moon glides into Libra and your partnership sector. You’ll have no trouble being helpful without being hurtful! Sunday is perfect for reconnecting with your old crew as the Sun meets up with Mercury. The only caveat? Mercury is retrograde, which can muddle the lines of communication and disrupt itineraries, so keep plans simple. This magnanimous energy can help you bury the hatchet, but don’t step over conflicts if you haven’t fully hashed through the tension. It might be best to leave certain people off the guest list until you’re ready to deal.
Taurus: Before you fire off that catty quip on Saturday morning, think about how it could potentially hurt the other party. Everyone has flaws, so be careful not to preach or present yourself as superior. Embrace others for who they are, imperfections and all. And if you don’t have anything nice to say…well, you know the rest. Thankfully, diplomacy comes more easily later in the day, when the moon shifts into reasonable Libra. Approach any tough conversations with a sense of humility and resist the urge to fire off condescending statements. Kindness is the key to success here! On Sunday, Mercury retrograde links up with the Sun in your tenth house of career. While you’re rarin’ to go on a new initiative, halt! Create a strategic plan BEFORE taking action. And that rules out any shortcuts, short-codes or corner-cutting. Put on your game face and work on winning over the gatekeepers and decision makers. They’ll be primed for your pitch after Mercury turns direct on February 3.
Gemini: Get ready for a wild ride, Gemini! Your energy levels could go from zero to 60 on Saturday as the moon leaves your low-key, domestic zone and charges into your celebratory sector later in the day. From now until Monday, you’ll be an unstoppable force of nature! RSVP “yes” to live or virtual events that hold the promise of meeting kindred spirits. Amorous vibes abound, so get in the game and make some romantic plans. Single? Tune into charismatic cuties while you’re out and about. If you’re coupled, make it a spontaneous date night instead of the usual Netflix and chill. Before shooting from the hip this Sunday, double-check that you’ve got the facts straight. Mercury retrograde gets illuminated by the Sun’s beams, making it easy to fall for a scam or pass along misinformation. This could throw a wrench into weekend travel plans. If they become more complex than you care to deal with, find your fun locally.
Cancer: Celebrate your squad! Each of your treasured connections brings something different to the table, which is why you love them all. Schedule some one-on-one hangouts with your favorite folks on Saturday or catch up virtually. And if a new acquaintance is giving off kindred-spirit vibes, carve out space for a deep-diving heart-to-heart! Later in the day, the energy gets distinctly domestic. Invite your crew over for dinner or book an evening of self-care. Refrain from texting your ex on Sunday, when Mercury retrograde gets blasted by the Sun’s strong beams. What starts out as a “meow” could quickly become a “me-ouch” when unresolved conflicts invariably resurface. Refrain from romanticizing the player types. While you are charming and irresistible, it won’t be enough to make leopard change its spots!
Leo: Wrap up any outstanding tasks on your to-do list on Saturday as the moon lingers in your productive second house. You’ll be ready to flap your social butterfly wings when the evening rolls around as la luna shifts into Libra and your third house of communication and connection. Corral your crew for an epically fun evening! Suggest a few impromptu plans, but resist the urge to take the reins. Under these spontaneous skies, you’ll be much happier going with the flow and letting someone else play entertainment director. Avoid any binding decisions on Sunday, when retrograde Mercury gets blasted by the Sun’s beams. From misread intentions to promises made after one too many Bloody Marys, this just isn’t the day to commit. An old flame could also reappear, or you could find yourself pining away for an ex-lover. Remember: If your match was toxic, your connection will probably continue to be just as flammable. Don’t romanticize, Leo!
Virgo: Advice from a few trusted friends or colleagues is a good thing, but don’t run to the hivemind for pointers on a major decision this Saturday. If you start polling your Instagram followers, you’re only going to get confused. The best strategy under these indie-spirited skies? Trust your gut. At the end of the day, this is YOUR choice to make…and no one else’s. The devil is in the details on Sunday as retrograde Mercury meets up with the Sun. Adhering to the letter of the law is the best policy now, so skip the shortcuts and get the job done right the first time around. A health issue could also demand your attention. If you require a treatment plan or surgery, do your best to postpone until Mercury takes its direct (forward) turn on February 3. If you can’t, don’t stress, but get informed. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to facilitate the healing process.
Libra: Why so stubborn, Libra? If you’ve been locked in conflict, a diplomatic conversation could lead to a healing conclusion on Saturday…if you let it. The trick is to focus on finding common ground—even if you KNOW you’re in the right (and they are oh-so-wrong). A few compromises may be necessary to bury this particular hatchet. But the peace of mind you’ll achieve through this agreement will be well worth the few concessions you had to make along the way. Later in the afternoon, la luna shifts into your free-spirited sign until Monday. Embrace these liberating vibes! You’ll be feeling the Old Hollywood vibes on Sunday as the “see me, love me” Sun merges with vintage-loving Mercury in your theatrical and romantic fifth house on Sunday. Before you’ve eaten brunch, you may have staged an extensive selfie shoot—and even fielded an accusation of thirst-trapping! Hey, when you look THAT good… Save any behind-the-scenes tasks for tomorrow and utilize this outgoing energy to connect with friends old and new!
Scorpio: The stars deliver a boost of motivation Saturday morning as the moon illuminates your eleventh house of networking and innovation. Join forces with allies who can help you get to the finish line faster. But be prepared: You may run out of steam later in the afternoon once la luna glides into Libra and your twelfth house of rest and healing. Rather than power through, power down. Arrange for some serious self-care over the next two-plus days! Your skin may be thinner than you realize on Sunday as retrograde Mercury is spotlighted by the Sun in your touchy-feely fourth house. Instead of giving your emotions the helm (and biting everyone’s head off in the process), grant yourself adequate alone time. Family drama could escalate, so clarify agreements with relatives and roomies to keep crossed wires to a minimum.
Sagittarius: Keep forging ahead, Sagittarius! You’re THIS close to your goal, so don’t quit now. The cosmos boost your energy on Saturday as the moon lingers in ambitious Virgo and your professional sector. Tie up any loose ends on that all-important project. You’ll feel an incredible sense of accomplishment once you’ve wrapped things up. Later this afternoon, la luna shifts into convivial Libra, giving you the green light to celebrate your achievements—and definitely NOT by yourself. Keep those blunt blurts on mute this Sunday as Mercury retrograde gets spotlighted by the Sun. And no shooting off grandiose claims without providing supporting evidence, okay? Dig up the data to support your ideas before announcing them to the world. Just the facts, Archer!
Capricorn: Making candid requests is the way to get your needs met on Saturday as the moon lights up your outspoken ninth house. That being said, consider your strategy before approaching anyone. Barking demands won’t get you anywhere—in fact, an aggressive stance may alienate the very people you’re trying to woo. Still struggling to get what you want? Reach out to a power player in your field. A little networking with an influential person could get you one step closer to your goal. Don’t toss your to-do list out the window on Sunday. An industrious meetup of the Sun and Mercury retrograde powers you through outstanding tasks. And you’ll feel tremendous relief as you tick off each box! Plus, who says you can’t enjoy this practical magic in a social way? Surely there’s a friend who wants to accompany you on a hunt for salvaged French doors—or maybe the farmer’s market to stock up on greens and raw honey. Field trip!
Aquarius: Don’t force yourself to be social early on Saturday as the moon simmers in your introspective eighth house. Sleep in, putter around and save your energy for the evening, when the moon heads into Libra, lighting up your ninth house of fun and play until Monday. Make exciting evening plans, whether you book tickets for an electrifying event or schedule an epic group dinner with your crew. Feeling restless? A spontaneous staycation can reboot your joie de vivre. If you see something, should you say something, Aquarius? That might not be the smartest move on Sunday as muddling Mercury retrograde and the illuminating Sun sync up in your sign and activate your quick-fire first house. Your instincts will be sharp; your tact and timing, well…not so much. Don’t let questions linger unanswered, Aquarius. Just do your best to phrase them diplomatically—one of your sign’s superpowers—and make sure you present them when everyone’s calm and centered.
Pisces: Key alliances get a jolt on Saturday morning as the moon supercharges your seventh house of relationships. This bond-boosting energy only intensifies as the day goes on, when la luna shifts into your eighth house of merged energies. Ride this wave of intense connection, but be careful that you don’t get swept away by your emotions. It could be easy to lose your sense of self, especially if the other party has a powerful personality. If you’re having trouble using your voice, take a brief timeout for deep breathing or even a quickie meditation. Lighten up that agenda, Pisces, and build some unstructured flow time into your Sunday—in solitude or with people who understand the concept of comfortable silence. With the Sun and retrograde Mercury meeting in your soulful twelfth house, you could have some real epiphanies while journaling or quietly reading and researching during lunch. Looking for some evening entertainment? See what’s happening at a local yoga studio (streaming or live). A visiting instructor could be teaching an amazing class—maybe one that ends with a gong meditation or a sound bath of singing bowls.

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