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Daily Horoscopes for April 23

Aries: With your ruler, make-it-happen Mars, thundering through your career zone since mid-March, you’ve had a strong tailwind thrusting you toward success. And today, an energizing beam from Jupiter in your investment zone can help you “right-size” your goals. Which ones will bring the most profitable return—financially, emotionally and even spiritually? Put your attention there!
Taurus: Expansion doesn’t have to spell exhaustion, Taurus, but you may be creeping dangerously close to that edge. Today, “can’t stop, won’t stop” Mars gets a helping hand from lucky Jupiter in your partnership zone. While no one can do the job exactly like you, it may be time to start training an understudy in your techniques. Already pair-bonding? Under this Mars-Jupiter coupling, you can talk about big and exciting plans for your shared future. Don’t hold back!
Gemini: With Mars in your esoteric eighth house since mid-March, you’ve been holding your cards close to your vest. Being strategic is fine for a little while, Gemini, but ultimately you need to lay your cards on the table. Today, a surge of “keep it real” energy arrives courtesy of candid Jupiter. Hold the drama and just spell out the facts. Maybe it’s time to serve an ultimatum to the tune of “Are you in or are you out?”
Cancer: Let your passionate side peek through, Cancer—or heck, let it burst out of every pore! Your enthusiasm is contagious under today’s Mars-Jupiter coupling. Don’t scatter it in too many directions, though; that will just diffuse its impact. With Mars in your partnership zone, beam that energy toward a few key people. Whether for business or pleasure, one duo could become A LOT more dynamic today—and possibly penned in permanent ink.
Leo: Why, yes, Leo, you ARE capable of handling it all on your own. But how much fun is THAT, really? Today, warm-hearted Jupiter tosses driven Mars a lifeline and encourages you to make that solo venture a family affair. Collaborate with (competent) people who are close to you: your sister, a favorite coworker or dear friend. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to participate, and you’ll feel supported through your process: a win-win!
Virgo: Use your words! Passionate Mars has been amplifying your lust for life since mid-March, but you haven’t quite known how to explain that internal shift…until now. Today, live-out-loud Jupiter sends a supportive beam from your communication sector. Call a meeting with collaborators or an “emergency happy hour” with your squad or your boo. Sharing your discoveries is the way to keep them alive and expanding. Plus, if you don’t spill soon, you might just explode!
Libra: The week is off to a warm fuzzy start as Mars and Jupiter tend to the flames of your most intimate relationships. If your sister calls during work, say, don’t reflexively send her to voicemail. A short chat won’t actually disrupt your flow; it might even bring a creative breakthrough. Since you’ll be most productive from home, see if you can’t get permission to work remotely. And if you wind up “feng shui-ing” your bedroom in between assignments, who has to know?!
Scorpio: Maybe they broke the mold when they made you, Scorpio, but you still have kindred spirits walking this Earth. Today, intrepid Jupiter in your sign gets a strong signal from motivator Mars in Capricorn and your communication corner. Start the week off with some dedicated social experimentation. Research workshops, discussion groups and cultural events, and commit to the exploration process by actually registering. Spark up conversations with intriguing people you meet throughout the day. One could be a true soul friend!
Sagittarius: Snap out of that tech trance, Sagittarius, or you’ll miss the best parts of the day! Your ruler, Jupiter, which is on an extended journey through your soulful twelfth house, gets a bump from sensual Mars, issuing a planetary PSA to savor every moment. Those hits may be fleeting: the scent of a blossoming tree, a gorgeous window display, or a pair of killer shoes marked down 60 percent. Take time to appreciate the ones you love. Better yet: How about creating a shared memory today?
Capricorn: Ever since renegade Mars barreled into your sign on March 14, you’ve been willing to shuck convention in favor of a boldly experimental approach to, basically, everything! More support for that M.O. comes today as broad-minded Jupiter pings Mars from your anything-goes eleventh house. A little shock value can snap people to attention (but avoid overkill). Research could turn up a group, perhaps a virtual one, that supports your more outre interests. Dive in!
Aquarius: It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for support, Aquarius. Quite the contrary! An amazing mentor could step forward today as motivator Mars duets with lucky Jupiter in your career house. Perhaps you’ve been trying to prove your merit around the office by solving problems alone. Frustrating! While you might score a few brownie points, you’re also slowing down the process. Set pride aside and ask the pros to weigh in. One may even give you a brief refresher course to get you back on track.
Pisces: Monday’s mission: Diversify your social portfolio. Ever since go-getter Mars charged into your communal eleventh house on March 14, your popularity has been shooting through the roof. But have you been treading in comfortable waters? Today, as co-ruler intrepid Jupiter syncs up with Mars, go out of your way to mingle multiculturally. Not only do the “differences” create a dynamic spark, but your mind could be blown by an illuminating conversation.

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