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Daily Horoscopes for June 1

Aries: Friends with benefits? Walking that precarious line can be an alluring prospect under today’s romantic moon-Venus trine. But clear about your intentions—and THEIRS—before you alter the course of a friendship forever, especially since Venus is retrograde until June 25. If only one of you wants this situationship to go past a fling, better to find out first. Your friendship is more important than crossing those boundaries. If you’re on the same page, however, your bond can serve as a beautiful foundation for lasting romance. Hey, Aries, it’s worth a chance. Already coupled? Go the extra mile to create shared experiences. Today, a common goal can cement your bond.
Taurus: Cleanup time! Bring order to chaos today—but don’t forget to infuse your mission with pleasure. Today’s efficient moon-Venus trine makes it almost enjoyable to tackle your to-do list. Hard work can be rewarding, and with this cosmic energy afoot, you’ll accomplish goals one methodical step at a time. For best results, don’t push through it all alone. Helpful people are all around you, and some of them are very bored. Delegating duties might actually be doing them a favor!
Gemini: All eyes on Gemini! You’ll look and feel your best today as a glamorous Libra moon gets in heavenly harmony with alluring Venus retrograde in your sign. Take a few extra minutes to prep for the spotlight. One IG video might be all it takes to magnetize admirers or draw fascinating thinkers your way. A scintillating leadership opportunity may be yours for the taking. Put yourself out there when a take-charge offer arises. Your reward for stepping up to the plate? Creative control—and a project that holds the promise of bringing fame.
Cancer: The company you keep is a reflection of what’s happening inside of you,Cancer. So if you need a mood booster, try surrounding yourself with authentic, loyal friends and nurture THOSE bonds. Energy vampires and drama queens can step to the rear! Seek creative ways to nourish your most cherished connections under today’s rejuvenating trine between the moon and Venus retrograde. Maybe it’s getting an old friend group together on video chat or reaching out to people one-on-one. Whatever the configuration, steer the dialogue toward real talk.
Leo: You’re brimming with charisma today, and good thing for that! As the moon trines Venus retrograde in the most socially savvy parts of your chart, you can get back in touch with some of the people you started to collaborate with back in the early part of 2020. Approach them gently, touching base on more personal topics first instead of leading with a pitch. Pay it forward, too: retweet a friend’s link, post gushing comments, write a positive review for your favorite local business. The more good karma you put out there, the more you’ll invite back.
Virgo: The divine is in the details as the moon syncs up with Venus in the most industrious parts of your chart. Have you been ignoring your ever-growing to-do list? Need to return some emails and texts? Sit down and tick off those boxes, Virgo, because you know that the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll lighten your psychic load and creativity will come flooding back. With value-driven Venus in the frame, take a deep breath and then take a look at your finances. Does someone owe you money? Send out invoices and follow up with friends who are overdue on a loaner. Balancing your budget and cleaning up messes can uncover a new lead or two. Keep your eyes peeled!
Libra: If you’ve been tiptoeing around an issue, Libra, set yourself free from being “nice.” Today, the moon is in YOUR sign, and it’s forming a sweet trine to your galactic guardian, charming Venus. This diplomatically direct mashup helps you express your feelings without dragging anyone else into the process. For best results, avoid framing complaints as an accusation. There’s actually a world of difference between saying “You hurt me!” and “I feel hurt.” You know that the blame game only makes people defensive. If anything, acknowledge what others are doing right before pointing out those areas that could stand improvement.
Scorpio: Even if today’s emotionally expressive moon-Venus trine isn’t stitching your heart to your sleeve, circumstances will tug on your heartstrings. You’ve got nothing to lose by being authentic here. So drop the composure, Scorpio, and reveal deeper feelings you’ve kept tucked inside. Sure, you can do it in a way that works for YOU. Maybe you text over a photo that has inside meaning for you and a friend. An act of service, like dropping off groceries, can also send out a strong “I care” signal. It’s the little things.
Sagittarius: There’s joy in numbers today, Archer, even if they’re still just faces on a Zoom call. As an effervescent moon-Venus trine carries you off on a social whirlwind, you’ll soak up every second of connection you can get. Truth be told, your closest relationships are suffering from a tinge of ennui. (Hey, all that time in quarantine can do that.) Infusing fresh faces into the mix will keep things interesting. If you haven’t introduced a new love interest to friends, this is a great day to do so. Longtime couples, save the intense dates for another day and do something fun to distract you from the drama.
Capricorn: Whether you’re at work or home (or WFH), pull out all the stops with all that you do. Going the extra mile is the way you roll, and thanks to a trine between the moon and Venus, your efforts won’t go unnoticed. Radar in on the connections who can help you advance—but also explore how you can be of service. Building relationships is the best insurance for long-term success. Just don’t make this about your agenda, Capricorn. You’ll derive more satisfaction from your efforts if you also make it a priority to help other people.
Aquarius: Roll those dice and take a gamble on your dreams, Aquarius. Lady Luck has her sights on you thanks to today’s fortuitous alignment between the moon and magnetic Venus. A well-timed “risk” could turn glimmering ideas into solid realities, as long as it’s a calculated move. Today is especially supportive for indie ventures, so make a bold move or share openly about a nascent plan. Someone from a different background may direct you toward your next successful steps.
Pisces: You’ll have zero time for superficial interactions today, Pisces, so don’t feel bad about temporarily blowing off a message from someone who can’t go beyond small talk. The moon and sultry Venus touch down in the most heart-opening zones of your chart, sparking meaningful connections. Save your energy for people who can offer the intimacy you crave. Under this soul-baring starmap, you can finally find out what makes someone tick. If you’re available for “more,” all this bonding could lay the groundwork for a real-deal romance.

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