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Daily Horoscopes for August 17

Aries: Meow, baby! Today’s moon-Jupiter merger in your erotic eighth house calls your spicier side out to play in a big, bold way. Single? This planetary powwow could attract an enticing prospect from a different background or part of the world. Are you ready to get serious? Take a leap of faith. If you’re in a relationship, you might need to clear the air before hanging the Do Not Disturb sign. Even the healthiest of unions hit rough patches every now and then. Have an honest but loving talk. Processing those feelings could be the fastest way to bring back the lust.
Taurus: Adventure a deux, anyone? Today, the moon and adrenaline junkie Jupiter align in your partnership sector, inspiring you to try something spontaneous with your S.O. or a dear friend. From a coffee-brewing workshop to tango classes, the experience will strengthen your bond. With candid Jupiter in the mix, you’re encouraged to speak your truth—especially in the name of love. While you might be nervous about revealing what’s in your heart, the relief you’ll feel from ‘fessing up will be well worth it.
Gemini: Sweating the small stuff again? Today’s moon-Jupiter meetup in your detail-oriented sixth house could find you fussing over every last bell and whistle. No apologies for wanting things done just so, Gemini, but DO pay attention to things like deadlines. You might have to settle for good enough instead of “perfection” this time around. Burn off some performance anxiety with an evening bike ride or drop-in cardio class. This cosmic coupling can get you inspired about fitness again!
Cancer: Loose lips might sink ships on some days, but under today’s mashup of the moon and candid Jupiter, an amorous confession could set the Love Boat a-sail! “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is Jupiter’s motto, and this day is ripe for romantic risk-taking. Need to liberate yourself from an unstable union? It might be easier to leave than to wait for a would-be lover to decide whether or not to invest in you. And who knows? Your willingness to walk away could suddenly make their heart grow fonder. Just make sure you aren’t getting swept back into a pursuer-distancer dance.
Leo: Today’s moon-Jupiter merger in your domestic fourth house could inspire some sweet family bonding—especially if travel is involved. Maybe it’s time to book that ticket to visit your folks or to invite an old friend to come crash on your couch for an upcoming weekend. No need to wait for that though, Leo. An impromptu barbecue or movie night at your place would also be great. Prepare for a spontaneous salon because energetic conversations about world issues could break out under philosophical Jupiter’s influence.
Virgo: Flutter, flutter, social butterfly! As the moon and expansive Jupiter merge in your social third house, last-minute invites may be too good to pass up. Do a little food prep or arrange a bouquet, but don’t miss a single magic moment of mingling trying to find that “perfect” hostess gift. This cosmic coupling also helps nurture friendships. A contact you make today could soon earn a spot in your inner circle. In fact, you could form a productive partnership, whether organizing a community event or touting each other’s ventures online and IRL.
Libra: Think big when it comes to your work and money today. Expansive Jupiter and the moon align in your lucrative second house, helping you score a win before the week is through. Prosperity may come knocking from a long-distance contact. Firm up plans for an important Skype call or book flights for a meeting in another city. Warning: This moon-Jupiter mashup will give you the urge to splurge. Do a closet inventory before buying yet another pair of platform sandals just because they’re on sale.
Scorpio: With today’s mashup of the moon and outspoken Jupiter in your sign, there’s no need for self-censorship. Keeping your truth to yourself will be impossible anyway, so express what’s on your mind and in your heart. If you can do it without putting people on the defensive, you might trigger a lively discussion. Be sure to really listen to their responses. Instead of shutting them down, challenge yourself to ask curious questions and be receptive to feedback. That said, if you need to stick up for yourself, Jupiter helps you do so candidly and courageously.
Sagittarius: Share the Sagittarius love! Today, the sensitive moon nuzzles up to your ruler, big-hearted Jupiter, in your compassionate twelfth house. Go out of your way to give compliments, listen to people and share your positive outlook. A few supportive words can shore up the people you love and even a few strangers. Because the muse could strike at any moment, keep your creative tools handy. These divinely inspired downloads could evolve into something bigger, like a provocative work of installation art or a socially responsible business plan.
Capricorn: Click, tap, swipe, and ye shall find. Today, the moon meets up with lucky Jupiter, in your technology and teamwork zone. A quick scan of your social media could reveal the perfect people for a collaboration or joint project. Your witty tweets and ‘grams could go viral today. (Just keep ’em kind since Mercury IS retrograde.) With jetsetting Jupiter in the frame, connect with faraway friends and start planning a visit. Who knows? You could pin down a date and book an Airbnb before the day is through—or even slip off for a quick three-night hang in another city.
Aquarius: Aim for the top! With today’s expansive moon-Jupiter meetup in your ambitious tenth house, you could wrap the week with a fabulous feather in your fedora. Sure, most people are in a “summer hours” headspace, but this could be your chance to chat up the boss in the hallway and plant seeds for a future venture. Want to accelerate your progress? Take a calculated risk. Even if you’ve only got a slight advantage, take it as a sign to jump in with both feet. Since the tenth house also rules the men in your world, one dude in particular could open doors for you.
Pisces: Today’s mashup of the moon and globetrotting Jupiter in your expansive ninth house can give you a much-needed respite from the grind. If possible, take a summer Friday and indulge your desire for fresh horizons. Explore an up-and-coming neighborhood or a cute neighboring town. If you must work, spend your lunch hour listening to an enlightening TED talk or cruising the travel blogs. A little heads-up: This cosmic confab makes you honest to a fault. Since you can’t fight it, you might as well express what’s in your heart. Just don’t start a fight with someone you have to spend time with this weekend!

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