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Daily Horoscopes for December 2

Aries: Caution: Financial speed bump ahead! Today’s stars could bring an unexpected expense or sudden realization that your income needs to grow. Don’t throw yourself into a spiral of worry, Aries. With a little planning and discipline, you can turn this around. Do some number-crunching and scale back, or even pick up a part-time gig to increase cash flow. Don’t make things worse by accumulating more debt. Put your plastic under lock and key until you’re back in the black.
Taurus: Want to inject fresh life into a relationship? Instead of operating on autopilot by asking the same questions, nitpicking or dredging up an old complaint, change the subject! Launch a dialogue about a timely topic, perhaps something you saw on the news or read online. You might have lots to say, but give others space to answer without interruption. If you REALLY want to level up your bond, try this: Before you clap back with a reactive response, validate their perspective and give yourself a moment to take it in.
Gemini: Do all you can to stick to your agenda today, Gemini, but not at the expense of empathy. Today’s moon-Uranus mashup pegs you as the go-to problem solver. Just when you’re finding your flow, a colleague calls you on the verge of tears or a relative texts you in a panic. Rather than doling out advice, help them calm down with a few deep breaths. After that, ask questions to see if they haven’t already figured out an answer on their own. Maybe all they need is a strong vote of confidence.
Cancer: Can you make room in your life for one more friend? Today’s unexpected mashup of the Cancer moon and outgoing Uranus could reveal a worthwhile candidate for the Crab Crew. A group that you’ve been hoping to break into could open its doors to you today. This may be a virtual community or an organization that gathers around a specific cause. Your fighting spirit could make a strong appearance in the face of injustice today. Use social media to spread awareness of the issue and gather supporters for this important issue.
Leo: Even the most outgoing Lion needs to retreat into your den every once in a while. But there’s a time and a place for everything, and today your teammates need you to be fully present. Resist the urge to mentally check out, and instead, tune in to your emotions. Rather than pushing away uncomfortable feelings, use that energy to problem-solve with a trusted confidante. The outside perspective could generate fresh solutions. You’ll be surprised at how much more efficient you are when you’re not weighted down by all that worry.
Virgo: Carving out quiet time will NOT be easy under today’s popularity-boosting starmap. While the flurry of communications can frustrate Virgos planning to be productive, it’s in your best interests to be flexible. People may contact you with news that is relevant to the direction of your project…news that carries you to the finish line a lot faster. Plus, teamwork doesn’t mean sacrificing your solo time. Just gather for a Zoom huddle first, divvy up duties, THEN head off to your “studio” to handle your part of the mission.
Libra: Delivering your message succinctly is way more important than sharing every detail of the story today. That’s especially true when you’re talking to busy, important people. Let brevity be the soul of your wit, Libra. Even if you’d prefer to draw things out for dramatic effect, hit ‘em with your point right away. The sooner you get concerns on the table, the sooner you can address them. Do your research! Find out what’s important to the person (or company) you’re talking to in advance of the conversation. That way, you can speak to their goals.
Scorpio: Feeling that buzz, Scorpio? Today’s dynamic moon-Uranus mashup brings a flurry of cutting-edge ideas into your field—and the more willing you are to open your mind, the better! Push yourself outside your safe little bubble, and explore. You could learn a lot from someone who speaks another language or grew up in a city you’ve never been to (or even heard of) before. Another way to ignite this energy? Watch a TED talk by a thought leader and ask friends to recommend consciousness-raising books they’ve read while in quarantine.
Sagittarius: Everyone’s got an opinion, Sagittarius, but that doesn’t mean you have to take their critiques to heart. (Not even if you asked for the input in the first place!) Sure, there may be some useful takeaways from the feedback you receive. Just don’t let it drown out YOUR intuition. If you feel that you’re onto something, press forward with your investigation. Cut off conversations that deflate your spirit before you lose steam. Keeping a positive attitude is equally important to figuring out how to improve yourself—and you don’t need the kind of “help” that shreds your self-esteem.
Capricorn: What happened to that electric spark you used to feel in a relationship? Capricorns are great champions for others, but in your zeal, once-equal partnerships can morph into lopsided dependencies. Shift the power dynamics today by doing something notably uncomfortable: Ask a “weaker” person in your life to give YOU support for a change. The trick? Fight the voice in your head that tells you that you can’t trust them to come through or that you’re burdening them with your request. Odds are, they’ll be just as happy as you to even the score!
Aquarius: Don’t confuse “budget” with “deprivation” today, Aquarius. You can still be cost-conscious AND indulge in a high-ticket item every once in a while. If you’re feeling the urge to treat yourself, invest in something that grows more valuable with time. Or how about a one-of-a-kind “objet” that you’ll cherish for years to come? If you’ve been more tight-fisted than usual lately, tip the full 20-30 percent; give a little more than you’re comfortable with. Generosity begets generosity.
Pisces: Your mind is going a million miles a minute, so it’s not the best day to make important decisions. Shelve budget revision or planning your world tour for another time and throw yourself into a creative venture. Take a couple of hours to express yourself in the medium that calls your name. Be it writing, painting, dancing or composing, follow the muse without reserve. Let your inner flirt out to play, too, but know your limits. You make up the rules, Pisces—which might even bring an evening dalliance into the wee hours.

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