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Daily Horoscopes for April 19

Aries: Blow out the candles, Aries—and make that wish count! Your birthday festivities are winding down as the Sun departs Aries and settles into Taurus and your second house of work and finances until May 20. We’re not saying you have to stop celebrating, but DO get back down to work. You’ve been avoiding the boring items on your to-do list lately, but now it’s time to take care of the electric bill and fill out that paperwork. You don’t have to do everything today, but make sure it’s all under control before the Sun blazes into your social sector in four weeks.
Taurus: It’s birthday season, Bull! Today, the luminous Sun blazes into your sign until May 20, making your star the most dazzling in the sky. The past month has been filled with soul-searching (and maybe a few blue moods), but now you’re ready to live out loud again! Your sign loves a stable routine, but why not shake things up? Expanding your horizons will give you a renewed sense of freedom and help you realize your limitless potential!
Gemini: Ready for a break, Gemini? As the Sun flits into Taurus and your restful twelfth house, the next four weeks could feel like a master class in letting go. If you’ve been obsessing over past drama, release that negative energy. And while you’re at it, give your closets a major purge. Are you trying to control a certain person or situation? Step back and reevaluate what’s going on. These circumstances might heal faster with a little bit of space. And don’t worry: You’ll have a whole new world of options when Gemini season begins on May 20. For now, focus on the things you CAN control—starting with some spring cleaning!
Cancer: Get up, get out and do something! Your cozy cave could start to feel claustrophobic today as the brilliant Sun beams into your eleventh house of teamwork and activism for a month. Explore new social scenes both in the real world and online. The eleventh house is also your tech zone, making this prime time to unleash your inner geek. Embrace new technology and consider a virtual side hustle. (Time to set up that Etsy shop or buy a domain name?) If you need capital, try crowdfunding.
Leo: It’s liftoff time, Leo! With your cosmic guardian, the Sun, blazing a trail through your career zone until May 20, you’ll be racking up the professional milestones. Your sign loves to be the boss, and you’ve got the charisma and talent it takes to rise through the ranks. No need to apologize for your ambitions. Boldly follow your passion and lead with nobility. When you’re on YOUR authentic path, you don’t have to jostle others out of the way to get ahead.
Virgo: The devil’s in the details, Virgo, but sometimes you have to ignore that perfectionistic demon and focus on the bigger picture. Today, as the Sun kicks off its annual tour through your visionary ninth house, you’re in the mood to think beyond county lines. Book a weekend jaunt to a nearby vacation spot for some revitalizing R&R between now and May 20. Looking to make a permanent move? Go explore new neighborhoods or get in touch with friends who’ve moved out of state to hear about their experience.
Libra: Give your lingerie drawer a refresh—and practice that come-hither stare. Today, the life-enhancing Sun beams into Taurus and your erotic eighth house, igniting your inner passions in epic ways. But you’re looking for more than a one-night stand. With your eighth house fired up until May 20, you’ll crave profound heart-to-hearts and intimate connections. If you’re single, don’t swipe right unless you sense a person has potential to be True Tinder Love. Coupled? Make private time a priority—and keep the Kama Sutra on your nightstand.
Scorpio: Discerning Scorpios are known for having lofty standards, but if you set the bar TOO high, you might find yourself in a long term relationship…with your Russian Blue. Nothing wrong with being a devoted cat lady, Scorpio, but as the Sun blasts into Taurus and your seventh house of relationships until May 20, give humans a chance to win your heart too. Instead fixating on people’s flaws, turn that magnifying glass onto their positives. Already in a relationship? Focus on your shared passions, both in and out of the bedroom. A co-created project that plays to each of your strengths could cement your bond.
Sagittarius: Pass the rose quartz and praise the kale! Today, the invigorating Sun blasts into Taurus until May 20, giving your mind, body and soul a holistic workout. A basic workout won’t cut it—you need to stimulate your physical being AND your spirit. Self-care will be key, so book a deep-tissue massage and maybe a session with a nutritionist. As the zodiac’s optimist, the endorphin-releasing exercise will lift your mood AND increase productivity. Good thing, since work is going to keep you mighty busy for the coming four weeks. Put systems in place so you don’t get scattered.
Capricorn: Hello, Glamazon Prime! Your inner fashionista takes the wheel as the Sun blazes through Taurus and your flamboyant, flirtatious fifth house until May 20. Part ways with that faded sweatshirt and log onto those calls like the heartthrob and celebutante you were born to be. With le Soleil shining a light on your achievements, you’ll spend more time in the public eye. If media coverage is part of the game plan, make sure that you’re camera-ready when you’re out and about. Romantically, the next four weeks are a hotspot. Pause from taking selfies here and there so you don’t miss the cutie who is trying to catch your eye.
Aquarius: Today, the Sun settles down in Taurus, your comfortable fourth house of home and family, until May 20. Your life has been mile-a-minute, and, frankly, you could use some rest. Take the next four weeks to relax and make your home into the ultimate chill zone. But this doesn’t mean you have to go into full-blown hermit mode. Use this time to get back in touch with old friends who both comfort and inspire you. A trip to visit family could be in the stars.
Pisces: What’s happening in your zip code, Pisces? The Sun sweeps into Taurus and lights up your house of local goings-on until May 20. You’ll find the fun in your own backyard—a perfect excuse to invite new friends out for getting-to-know-you hangouts. Spread out a picnic blanket in a park or just hit the streets and explore your city on foot. If you’re looking for a new car (or even an electric bike!) to get around town, begin researching and comparing models.

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