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Daily Horoscopes for May 20

Aries: Today’s the kind of day you live for, Aries, with the moon and ambitious Jupiter hooking up in your ninth house of adventure, expansion and long-distance travel. Go ahead and start planning that trip to Rome or Rio, but make sure you truly have room on the calendar first. You won’t enjoy the journey if you’re worried about unfinished duties back home. Under these curious stars, you might meet someone whose out-there ideas rock your world. Your own outspoken side could make a strong showing. Just be careful not to tread into offensive territory: It’s a thin line with candid Jupiter removing the filters ff today.
Taurus: Lust is in the air, Taurus, as the emotional moon and “anything-goes” Jupiter spoon in your seductive eighth house. This is the realm of shared energies and deep bonding, and with Jupiter here, you could be willing to take a gamble on grander plans. Watch a jealous streak, though. This collaborative energy extends to the financial realm too. Explore possibilities around joint ventures, real estate or pooling your funds on a group endeavor—or even a vacation. You might set a fixed budget and have everyone contribute to the fund. It’s a smart way to share associated costs, plus—if you start today—you’ll give people enough time to plan and save.
Gemini: It’s a great day for love AND money—does it get any better than that, Gemini? The moon and supersizer Jupiter are teamed up in your seventh house of business and personal partnerships. Under this galvanizing starmap, you could meet someone who wants to take your business project to the next level, or you might get the courage to open up about your desires or pursue an attraction. Caution: With grandiose Jupiter here, conversations could snowball into something that feels a little too big too soon. While you should definitely keep the dialogue direct, pace yourself!
Cancer: Get moving, Cancer! If a rigorous barre class followed by a cold-pressed juice and a ginger shot are calling your name, you can thank a motivational mashup of the moon and athletic Jupiter in your sixth house of health and service. Stress levels can also rise today, so make sure you have a physical outlet. Watch out for a perfectionistic or self-critical streak; your standards could be too high for anyone to humanly achieve. Pump up your positive attitude, and the results will have a ripple effect through your whole life.
Leo: Did you just say THAT, Leo? Oh yes you did! A sultry meetup between the moon and vivacious Jupiter in your playful fifth house ignites your inner wild child. It’s a #nofilters kind of day, and you can’t hold back. All you want to do is have some fun, but this attention-seeking mashup comes with a high drama alert. Not everyone is up for having their buttons pushed, even if it’s done in jest. Make sure you have an interested audience before you tease, provoke or seduce.
Virgo: Are you feeling weighted down? As free-spirited Jupiter meets the moon at the bottom of your chart (the fourth house of roots), liberate yourself from obligations that leave you feeling stuck. As the sign of service, it’s natural for you to offer your help when you see people struggling. The trouble is, you often wind up holding the bag for them while they race off and have fun. Enough of that! If someone recently offloaded their responsibilities on you, hand back the baton. Don’t get hung up on diplomacy. Being direct and assertive is the way to make your point—and ensure that they don’t mistake your kindness for weakness in the future.
Libra: As uncensored Jupiter syncs up with the moon in your loquacious third house, you’ve got something to say—and you can’t hold back! You could be emailing, texting, posting and talking a blue streak today. You just HAVE to get those inspired ideas and opinions out into the world—and you should. But be careful you don’t step on other people’s toes or interrupt them mid-sentence while putting on the Libra Show. After all that hashtagging, you’ll be in the mood for a social night with inspiring friends. Leave the Debbie Downers off the guest list: You need to be around people who are up for spontaneous fun.
Scorpio: Your mind’s on your money today, Scorpio, as the moon and expansive Jupiter unite in your second house of income and finances. Taking a no-BS look at your budget could reveal some surprising truths that you’ve been avoiding. Have you been honest about how much you’re spending versus how much you’re earning? If reducing costs is simply not possible, think about ways to bring in extra cash. Reach out to potential new clients directly or take on a side hustle that’s also fun. You could apply to be a sitter if you love animals or unload clothes you never wear on Poshmark. If you’re flush with cash, resist the temptation to burn through it today. Do a closet inventory before you go off on a spending spree.
Sagittarius: When you’ve got it, you’ve got it—and today’s one of those days, Sagittarius. With sparks flying between the moon and your ruler, magnanimous Jupiter, in your sign, you’re a force of nature. Own your power! Don’t be afraid to put a little swagger in your step. Tell the world what you want instead of meekly asking for it. Just beware of teetering into arrogance. Give credit where it’s due and acknowledge the people who catapulted you into this spotlight. Model how to be unapologetic AND gracious, and you’ll inspire others to do the same.
Capricorn: Break the fixation, Capricorn. We all have that thing (or person or situation…) that seems impossible to let go of, even when it’s beyond clear that it no longer serves us. Yet we keep defending it or hanging onto it. Today, the moon unites with truth-telling Jupiter in your twelfth house of closure and transitions. Resist the urge to DO and fix and control: This isn’t your mess to clean up. Instead of rushing in for the codependent save, hold others accountable for their own choices. Muster some Jupiter-fueled moxie and set a firm boundary. “No,” after all, is a complete sentence.
Aquarius: Put some steam into your team! A mobilizing meetup of the moon and go-getter Jupiter lands in your eleventh house of groups today. Get the troops on task and make sure everyone is clear on their mission. Instead of doing it all yourself, lean on savvy and skillful collaborators to get the job done. This powerful planetary pairing makes today a great day for networking. You’ll shine at any party or meeting, so put that dynamic energy to good use and go make some charismatic new connections.
Pisces: Ambitious Jupiter meets up with the moon in your tenth house of career, lighting a fire under your goals. Today, you have the determination, the passion and the work ethic to be a game-changer, Pisces, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to make a bold move. Get out there and find the influencers who can help make your dreams reality. Draw up plans and start delegating responsibilities—just be careful not to steamroll people in all your enthusiasm. It’s a thin line between being a go-getter and acting like a tyrant.

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