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Daily Horoscopes for October 19

Aries: You can turn over a new leaf without chopping down the whole tree, Aries. Today’s new moon in Libra and your seventh house of relationships calls for fresh starts. Whatever shape your key partnerships are in, you can take them to the next level—if you can agree to avoid bringing up a certain subject. Rebuild by focusing on shared values and goals. New connections can develop now, and single Rams or those looking for a creative partner could be dazzled by a highly appealing opposite.
Taurus: Ready for a fresh start? Today, the only Libra new moon of the year powers up your sixth house of healthy living, putting you back in touch with “that” side of life. You’re the most grounded sign of the zodiac, but there’s no better way to connect to the earth than to be physically active on it! Exercise and good nutrition (and plenty of sleep) are necessary to keep you centered and to maintain your inner glow. Over the six months ruled by this new moon, you can witness an amazing transformation—if you’re willing to put in the work.
Gemini: Be still thy beating heart! Amour is in the air today, thanks to an auspicious new moon in Libra and your fifth house of romance. Your defenses—and judgmental side—will be relaxed, leaving you open to meeting new people. Every encounter doesn’t have to be a hookup—and every right swipe doesn’t have to “lead” to anything, so lighten up and have some fun! Stylish Libra inspires you to put more effort into your look; enjoy the fashion moment! Attached? Count on this new moon to ratchet up the passion.
Cancer: Feeling a tug on the old heartstrings, Cancer? Today’s Libra new moon lands in your domestic fourth house, turning your thoughts to those you love best. This auspicious once-a-year event sets off a new wave of bonding and reconnecting with friends and family. Reach out to beloveds near and far and extend invitations to visit. (Then test your air mattress and make sure you’ve got plenty of clean linens.) Could your nest stand a little feathering? Redecorate, renovate—or relocate! This new moon will light a fire under you to make Chateau Cancer a cozy sanctuary!
Leo: Been in a social slump, Leo? Get ready to turn that around! Today’s Libra new moon in your third house of local activity will help fill up your calendar. Follow Libra’s outgoing lead and explore a new scene (or new neighborhoods) before the weekend is over. For the six months ruled by this new moon, you could shift your relationship with your community, stepping into a leadership role or using your talents to help businesses prosper by organizing fun events.
Virgo: C’mon, big money! Today’s new moon in Libra sparks a personal economic stimulus plan that will be in effect over the next six months. If you’re hoping to make a job change, update your resume and start circulating it. Discreetly let people know what you’re looking for or reach out through your social network. If you’re content where you are but seek some new challenges (and a fatter paycheck), come up with an enhanced job description and present it to the powers that be.
Libra: Get ready to celebrate your personal New Year! Today, the only new Libra moon of 2017 brings a boost to all areas of your life. It’s like getting a cosmic reboot—or “get out of jail free” card. Over the coming six months ruled by this moon, you can start to manifest some of your biggest dreams and take giant steps toward important goals. Where do you want to be a year from now? Feel empowered to spend—make that, invest—some funds in your self-development, like working with a coach or going on a spiritual retreat.
Scorpio: Hello, psychic hotline? Today’s new moon in your compassionate twelfth house tunes you into deeper planes of consciousness. Don’t be afraid of the feelings that well up inside of you, Scorpio. They’re the key to your empathy and ability to connect with others on a profound level. You might get flashes of awareness or intuitive “hits” today. Don’t worry if they don’t make sense. Let them seep in slowly. Over the coming months, this ability may get stronger and clearer.
Sagittarius: Your popularity: trending up! Today’s new moon in Libra and your eleventh house of community could make you an Instagram star or the most in-demand person at the office. Suddenly people are hanging your every word—and post—eager to see what you’ll do next. Invest some time in increasing your followers, Sag, especially if you’re trying to grow a business or promote a good cause. This is a great time to turn your big idea for an online business or app into something concrete.
Capricorn: Got goals? Here’s some good news: Today marks the only Libra new moon of the year, and it fires up your tenth house of career ambition and success. Your professional ascent will be unstoppable over the coming six months ruled by this new moon. But don’t rush ahead blindly. Map out a plan for the next half-year, including clear markers for where you want to be by next April. You might want to volunteer to help out an impresario to get in good AND gain some priceless experience.
Aquarius: The world is your oyster, Aquarius, so take advantage of this starting today, as a new moon in Libra fires up your adventurous ninth house. Don’t limit your vision over the coming six months ruled by this moon. You could become a global brand or incorporate more travel into your life by widening your parameters. During this cycle, your inner entrepreneur could wake up, and next thing you know you’re commuting between not cities but continents! Not sure how to get this started? Reach out to friends in far-flung places and ask for their advice.
Pisces: Bring on the perma-bonding! Today’s new moon in Libra—the only one of the year—powers up your eighth house of seduction and deep attachments. Single Fish who’ve enjoyed playing the field might start to feel a bit bored or disillusioned. If you’re ready to go deeper, open your heart and let your fins down. Make sure those promising prospects know who you are and what you desire. If they can’t handle that, cut bait and don’t waste another precious second. Couples can take their relationship to a new level. Sharing a fantasy—or a fear—can bring more intimacy to the union.

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