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Daily Horoscopes for January 25

Aries: Feeling frazzled, Aries? Saturday’s frenetic mashup of the moon and Mercury in Aquarius makes it difficult for you to focus on, well, just about anything! You’re easily distracted by romantic prospects or your teeming social calendar, which could hinder your productivity. If you hope to finish your errands and housework on time, put your nose to the grindstone and concentrate. Celebrate tonight with friends over happy hour or hit a cultural event. Mixing business and pleasure can pay off handsomely—especially since Saturday marks the Lunar New Year and brings the success-driven vibes of the Metal Rat. Sunday’s tricky square between cosmic lovers Venus and Mars can jam the signals. You might be raring to go just as someone else develops a case of cold feet. Or a potential partner could be pressuring you for too much too soon. The most frustrating part is that when you try to be direct, it only triggers passive-aggressive behavior. The best course of action may be to bite your tongue—and take a couple of days off from spending time together or discussing THAT subject. Early next week, the lines of communication should be properly functioning again. In the meantime, how about a date with the muse?
Taurus: Is it feeling lonely at the top, Bull? Saturday’s mashup of the moon and cooperative Mercury in your career zone helps you push through serious deadlines. But have you driven away a few key allies in the process? It’s fine to want things done YOUR way, but stubbornly going it alone could distance you from support. Let a few people in on your plans by asking their opinions. Don’t be too quick to resist their feedback. They could point out an important detail you may have missed. Saturday also marks the Lunar New Year. As the communal Metal Rat takes the helm, you’ll be far more willing to find synergies. On Sunday, feelings may be in overdrive. As feisty Mars clashes with your ruler, amorous Venus, you could be in over your head romantically. With the red-hot planet revving up your eighth house of intense emotions, a casual connection might swerve into obsessive territory, or you could blur the line with a platonic pal. Attached? Keep a lid on your reactions. If you find yourself growing jealous of your mate and are tempted to peek at their email or texts, don’t! Have a legitimate fear? Bring it up—calmly.
Gemini: As the moon and mouthy Mercury meet in your outspoken ninth house, you’ll have no trouble rocking the boat this Saturday. But are you stirring up mischief out of boredom—or for attention’s sake? If you’re trying to resolve a conflict, practice “active listening” and give your full concentration to the person who’s speaking. Make sure that everyone is given equal opportunity to express themselves—especially now, as the strategic Metal Rat takes charge of the skies during the Lunar New Year. Sunday brings another challenge to your peacekeeping efforts. A cosmic clash between Venus in your future-oriented tenth house and impulsive Mars in your partnership zone could cause you to put pressure on someone at precisely the wrong moment. (Maybe DON’T drop a “where is this thing going?” bomb on an unsuspecting lover over brunch.) On the flip side, if you’ve been afraid to talk about your vision for the future with a business or romantic partner, broach the subject gently. Watch your tone and body language as well as your words. For best results, keep questions open-ended instead of having a “right answer” in mind.
Cancer: Trade your poker face for a welcoming smile, Crab. Keeping your cards too close to your vest could make people think you’re hiding something this Saturday. Dare to be vulnerable and reveal something that can take a conversation about partnership to the next level. With your honesty, you’ll win trust and strengthen bonds. Getting everything out into the open can feel scary, but clearing the air could come as a surprising relief. Saturday also marks the Lunar New Year. Farewell Earth Pig, hello Metal Rat! Sunday’s stressful dust-up between tactful Venus in your idealistic ninth house and domineering Mars could spark a clash of the titans. So much for that “live and let live” policy you adopted last week. You want what you want when you want it, but that doesn’t mean everybody’s going to fall in line. Step back and look at the people you’re judging so harshly. If you’re honest with yourself, Cancer, is it really THEM you’re upset with? Or is this your own stuff coming up? It might be a little bit of both, so own your part in the matter.
Leo: While the proud Lion in you likes to have all the answers, there comes a time when expert help is required to carry you to the next stage. And no, we’re not talking about watching YouTube tutorial videos and doing exhaustive Google searches. Stop wasting valuable time trying to DIY important tasks. Saturday’s moon-Mercury conjunction could bring a supportive partner in crime for one of your big undertakings. And with the friendly Earth Pig handing the baton to the Metal Rat, consider this Lunar New Year the beginning of a more team-oriented workflow. Your dramatic sign loves to stir the pot every now and then (or a lot more), but under Sunday’s shoving match between love planets Venus and Mars in your passion zones, you might whip up more strong emotions than you bargained for. Jealousy and power struggles could derail your attempts at blissful bonding. And good luck striking a compromise. Instead of jockeying for power or trying to prove a point, take a breather before things get REALLY tense.
Virgo: Perform your checks and balances on Saturday, Virgo. As the moon meets efficiency expert Mercury (your ruler) in your sixth house of systems, look at where you may be taking risky shortcuts. The corners you cut now could come back to haunt you—and wind up doubling your work later, when you have to fix the messes these may have caused. Better you should slow down and do it right the first time. With the year of the diligent Metal Rat beginning with today’s Lunar New Year, you could find joy in the strategizing. Sunday’s complex clash between harmonious Venus and agitator Mars in your relationship houses sets the stage for some intense emotional interactions. Codependent no more? There’s a fine line between being helpful and being an enabler. If a relative, roomie or love interest has been leaning a bit too heavily on you, gently pull back. The more you give, the more they’ll take—and need. Break this vicious cycle, even if it’s uncomfortable to do so. But don’t silently keep score, Virgo! You might “always” be the one who makes the reservation or buys the tickets, but that doesn’t mean the other person isn’t contributing.
Libra: Fast track to fame…or too much too soon? With the moon and mouthy Mercury aligned in your glittering fifth house this Saturday, you’ll feel more than just a gentle nudge into the spotlight. And while the attention will be too good to pass up, be mindful not to overshare. You could easily win the OMG award when the competitive storytelling starts up, but later you’ll regret using your private life as social currency—especially if it means dragging a close friend or bae through the mud. Speaking of your social life, get ready for more communing time as the year of the pack-oriented Metal Rat begins today. Sunday arrives with a code-red blurt alert! Your legendary diplomatic skills may be MIA, “thanks” to an aggravating angle between your ruler, Venus, and belligerent Mars. If you’ve been biting your tongue trying to pretend something doesn’t bother you or ignoring someone’s bad behavior, the walls could come crashing down. While honesty is probably called for, burning a bridge is NOT. Count to ten and find a tactful way to express yourself—or go sweat out the angst with exercise!
Scorpio: You’re firing on all cylinders and ready to launch, but on Saturday, you may run into some resistance from your inner circle. Even it feels like they’re blocking your progress, find out why they’re waving the caution flag. Maybe you simply need to address their concerns or offer a little reassurance. But they could also be privy to some information that you’ve overlooked. With the moon and Mercury aligned in your nurturing fourth house, remember that you’re there to have each other’s backs—which sometimes means hashing out conflicting viewpoints (ideally over lunch). With the year of the Metal Rat beginning today, getting everyone on the same page will be easier than you think. Sunday’s edgy angle between your co-ruler, headstrong Mars, and peaceful Venus turns up the heat on a stressful situation. It may be time to stand up for yourself, but it’s going to take a lot of self-restraint not to lose your cool. Unless you’re willing to walk away from this, hold your fire. Refocus on the big picture, including your shared goals on this mission. But if the other party can’t cease and desist from playing dictator, your best move might be to revolt—or just bolt. It’s not as if you aren’t in demand elsewhere!
Sagittarius: As you plow through your Saturday responsibilities, is there one task that warrants greater focus? Pay close attention to this crucial item and get a second opinion before you rush to check it off your list. With the moon and persnickety Mercury in your communication zone, you’ll be more efficient when you talk things through with a trusted adviser. Don’t try to handle this one alone like you usually do, Archer. These collaborative skies could present an unorthodox solution to the problem at hand—but only if you speak up! Bonus: Today marks the Lunar New Year, and the shrewd Metal Rat energy ensures that you will connect with the right people. Sunday’s cosmic riddle: If YOU don’t speak up for yourself, Archer, who will? A tangled angle between gentle Venus in Pisces and forceful Mars in your sign has you doubting your own instincts. On the one hand, you fear that if you do say something, you’ll come on too strong. At the same time, you’re tired of going along to get along. Your hunches are probably right on, but if you’re stuck, ask a wise friend to be your sounding board and help you sort out exactly what you want to say.
Capricorn: Not so fast, Capricorn. Saturday’s analytical moon-Mercury merger in your security-seeking second house makes you second-guess a big power move. You were excited, but now you’re backpedaling—and you’re not sure why. Listen to your gut and perform your due diligence before making anything official. This may very well be a risk worth taking, but it’s equally important to explore your hesitations. Does this impending reality clash with your values or beliefs? Don’t make decisions based on excitement OR fear—let the facts guide you instead. Today also marks the Lunar New Year, and the incoming intelligent Metal Rat can support you in making savvy decisions. On Sunday, restrain yourself and get the facts before you freak out. Under an obfuscating angle between compassionate Venus and belligerent Mars, it’s hard to get a read on people’s expectations. And to your eager-to-please sign, that can be incredibly frustrating. This cosmic clash could churn up passive-aggressive behavior or bring some unsettling news. But before you go on the offensive, try to talk to all of the parties involved. Don’t hate; investigate.
Aquarius: You’re charm personified this Saturday as the moon and sweet-talking Mercury align in your sign. Treat the world to your wit, and don’t hold back your unique POV. Just be wary of overpromising! You want to be all things to all people—especially as the year of the Metal Rat begins today, ramping up your ability to tune in to other people’s energy. But without proper balance, that’s a recipe for exhaustion. Opportunities could materialize from out of the ether, but you don’t have to say yes to everything. Delay decisions if possible and consider which avenues are most aligned with your greater interests. It’s okay to make people wait for a day or two. That way, you’ll show them just how in demand you are! Sunday’s tangled angle between love planet Venus in your security corner and impulsive Mars in freedom-loving Sagittarius can make it hard to decide whether to stay or go. Part of you craves commitment and stability, yet an equal and opposite force is itching for more breathing room at work or in a relationship. While it might feel exciting and empowering to do something rash, you could wake up on Monday with grave regrets.
Pisces: Reality or fantasy? Who knows! Saturday’s hazy moon-Mercury merger in your ethereal twelfth house makes it difficult to tell fact from fiction. Wait a few days before setting anything in stone. Get the full story and consider both sides of the equation. You might need to probe a little and ask pointed questions to get to the bottom of this. People could have ulterior motives, but you won’t know for sure unless you play Nancy Drew. Or just utilize this day for what it’s truly meant for: creative brainstorming! With the Metal Rat taking command starting with today’s Lunar New Year, innovative ideas will flow like fine wine. Sunday comes with a stress alert as a tug of war between gentle Venus in your sign and go-getter Mars in your ambitious tenth house makes it hard to relax and settle into your groove. High-pressure deadlines could disrupt your plans for a chill weekend. A romantic partner could be issuing ultimatums—or stringing you along. Things could reach a tipping point, so do an internal check-in and see what your heart REALLY wants. That’s never the wrong choice. But in order to really get what you want, you have to make your intentions crystal-clear.

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