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Daily Horoscopes for June 20

Aries: Lace up those sneakers, Aries. Today’s balancing quarter moon falls in your sixth house of health and fitness. No more talking about getting in shape—it’s time to take some decisive action. Since this is a gentle quarter moon, feel free to start small, investing in some new workout gear, buying a pass to a yoga studio or hitting an easy cardio class. The point is to do something concrete and to turn that potential energy into a kinetic burst!
Taurus: Dating doldrums begone! Whether you’ve lapsed into a romantic rut with your current amour or you’re procrastinating “putting yourself out there,” today’s harmonizing quarter moon spurs you onto the playing field. Take one tangible step, whether that means trying a new dating app, buying tickets to see your sweetie’s favorite band perform live, or just letting friends know that you’d like them to fix you up. On that note, when was the last time you took yourself on a date? A solo adventure can bring relationships back into balance.
Gemini: When it comes to feeling centered in your personal life, you get out what you put into it, Gemini. If you’ve been on the go, take advantage of today’s grounding quarter moon in your domestic fourth house. Put a little love into your nest, tackling a small household project or buying a beautiful new accent piece. If you’re seeking a fresh start with family or you’re just a little disconnected from your clan, hop onto FaceTime. Someone has to reach out first. Tag, Gemini—you’re it!
Cancer: Is there a half-finished convo lingering in your airspace? Today’s action-driven quarter moon energizes your third house of communication. Whether you’ve been biting your tongue or meaning to have an honest talk, this is the perfect day to get the dialogue flowing. In fact, the quarter moon can clarify your thoughts, helping you deliver your message much more effectively now. If you’re a writer, it’s an excellent day to share your work, perhaps with an inspiring blog post. Set any fear aside and press “publish”!
Leo: Nobody REALLY wants to sit down and make a budget or pay bills—but once you do, what sweet relief you’ll feel. Today’s helpful quarter moon in your work and money house gives you the motivation to deal with your finances or to apply elbow grease to a demanding task. You don’t have to finish everything today; the important thing is to get started. Tap into this productive cosmic cycle, Leo, and remember: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Virgo: Come out, come out! Today’s quarter moon in Virgo shines a spotlight on one of your solo endeavors. The caveat: You have to be proactive about getting noticed. Don’t wait for the producers, agents and bloggers to stop you on the street or bang down your door. Send the first inquiry email, ask for a referral from a well-connected friend, or upload that video to YouTube. Set the energy in motion, and the universe will double the returns.
Libra: You can’t have closure if you only stick one foot out of the door, Libra. Today’s quarter moon in your twelfth house of endings gives you the emotional courage to let go. Say goodbye to an outmoded or toxic situation, knowing that you’re clearing a space for new opportunities to come in. Or get the support you need for a tough transition by booking a therapy appointment or a session with a healer. If you’ve been holding onto a grudge, this quarter moon helps you get the forgiveness process underway. Remember, the goal is to release the pain you’re feeling from this situation—which only hurts YOU when you carry it around.
Scorpio: You’ve never been a joiner, Scorpio—it just doesn’t go with your preferred M.O. of hanging back and observing before you dive in. However, today’s quarter moon in your teamwork house could inspire you to become a card-carrying member of an exclusive coterie. Is it time to join a mastermind or networking group, or to socialize strategically? Choose your company wisely, seeing where you can add value and combine your powers with those of others on your path.
Sagittarius: Ready to rise into a leadership role? Today’s empowering quarter moon in your career zone encourages you to think big. You don’t have to occupy the corner office tomorrow, Sagittarius (unless it happens to be available), but do take concrete steps toward your long-term goals. Find a way to share what you do and get your name out there more. If you’re not sure how to start, tap a mentor, sign up for a class or ask a friend for a referral. The point is to begin your journey—no more delaying!
Capricorn: Measured risk may be your sign’s usual style, but today’s quarter moon in your expansive ninth house encourages you to widen your comfort zone. Quarter moons are about concrete action. No more watching Anthony Bourdain specials for a travel fix; book that trip to Cartagena or Cadiz. Enough talking about the business you want to launch; sign up for a certification course or set up that Etsy cart. Send an email to that intriguing person whose business card is gathering dust on your desk. Take some legit action today that will show the universe that you’re serious about your dreams!
Aquarius: Put your money where your mouth is, Aquarius. A quarter moon in your eighth house of joint ventures and shared finances spurs you into action. Seek an investment adviser who can help make your money work harder for you, especially over the long haul. Start talking about real options if you’re considering a strategic alliance. If you’ve dreamed of owning a home or a business, set up a special fund and a plan to amass a down payment. Don’t let this be a pipe dream, Aquarius—get expert guidance on how aggressively you need to save to make this happen.
Pisces: Let’s make this…officially official? Today’s action-oriented quarter moon in Virgo, your partnership sign, wants you to get off the fence already. Whether you’re pondering the merits of someone’s LTR status or considering joining forces on a business idea, it’s time for legit due diligence. Work-wise, perhaps you collaborate on a trial project to see how well you actually mesh. In love, give a little more of yourself if you’ve been holding back emotionally. The only way to see if someone can go the distance is to up the stakes a little.

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