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Daily Horoscopes for February 24

Aries: Your intuitive powers may be sharper than most people’s, but stick to the facts today, Aries. Maybe you’ve been operating on assumptions, even assigning pathologies like “narcissist” or “sociopath” to the people who get on your nerves. But these labels (even when eerily accurate) could be driving a wedge between you and an important business ally. While it’s smart to keep a boundary in place, you don’t have to build a wall. There are ways that you are meant to work together, even if it’s just in a very small and selective fashion. Proceed cautiously and keep an open mind.
Taurus: Can you handle the truth? Today’s fierce alliance between combative Mars and subterranean Pluto could bring some difficult information to light. Rather than freaking out, face it fearlessly and directly. You might have to call someone to task for a mistake or an oversight. Go easy with the personal jabs and give them an opportunity to redeem themselves. Your B.S. detector is likely to be on point, but you can still fix the situation by working cooperatively. To err is human, after all.
Gemini: Settle into lotus pose and inhale deeply. Today’s soulful trine between feisty Mars and probing Pluto could find you in both an inspired and introspective space. You’re ready to blast through one of your personal blocks, fears or insecurities—possibly surrounding your closest relationships. To do so, examine your expectations. Are you looking to others to fill a (perceived) hole in your life? Instead of reaching outside yourself for the fix, commit to doing that from within. Repeating this mantra can already begin improving your connections with other people: “I will be the change I wish to see in my relationships.”
Cancer: Have you been dimming your lights to let others shine? Enough of that! Today’s high-voltage playdate between fierce Mars and powerhouse Pluto urges you to put your talents on display. This is not so much about performing as it is about contributing creatively to a group. You have something quite compelling to offer. But here’s the catch, Cancer: People won’t know what you’re capable of unless you take the risk to share yourself. PS: Your courageous communication could dazzle a romantic admirer or help you forge an influential career connection.
Leo: Today’s elite mashup of fearless Mars and powerhouse Pluto ushers you into a rarefied milieu. Make no mistake, Royal One: You belong in these echelons. If you’re not getting the influencers’ attention, don’t despair. You may need to do more marketing and PR to spread the word of your abilities. Some well-timed humblebrags and even a few cat-and-mouse games will pique curiosity. Be strategic rather than overt. It’s always better to show than it is to tell—and knowing you, this will be pure performance art.
Virgo: Mojo rising! Today’s flowing trine between lusty Mars and libidinous Pluto stirs up racy exchanges and sultry experimentation. Maybe you can’t meet up for a spontaneous playdate. But some spicy sexting might be just what you need to awaken your own powers of attraction. Already attached? Rev up your relationship with some variety and adventure. Drive five miles to pick up dinner from a raved-about restaurant and then park at a gorgeous overlook for a “picnic” in the car. And if you decide to pull over for another kind of (ahem) detour, these lusty planets approve!
Libra: Should you stay “Switzerland,” Libra? Not necessarily. A diplomatically direct perspective is what the planets are calling for today as forthright Mars gets in formation with intuitive Pluto. If you’re worried about coming across as judgmental or combative, you can always interject a question. (To the tune of: “Hang on…what exactly do you mean by that?”) Rather than dispensing advice, you’ll encourage people to think things through. This can lead them to their own white-light revelations—the kind of insights that tend to stick.
Scorpio: Friendly little reminder, Scorpio: It takes two to tango. And as your ruling planets, seductive Pluto and heat-seeking Mars, make eyes at each other today, you’re open to exploring the power of partnership. Be discerning, but drop the prejudgments. Your best match—be it for a romance or a promance—may be someone from an unexpected category. With feisty Mars in the mix, you may even begin with a heated debate. But let’s be honest. As a strong-willed Scorpio, you need someone who can stand up to you!
Sagittarius: The devil is in the details, Sagittarius. If you catch yourself sweeping “irritating minutiae” under the rug today, slow down and deal. Handling the here and now will quell many of your fears about the future. You’ll feel far more anchored once you’ve paid your monthly utility bills, signed documents and answered the emails in your overstuffed inbox. Squeeze in a workout between tasks—even if you’re just doing some stretching and weight-lifting in your living room. Moving your body will get everything flowing, including creative blocks.
Capricorn: If you’ve got it, flaunt it: That’s the message from today’s saucy synchronicity between bold Mars and magnetic Pluto. On the average day, you might not be the most flamboyant soul, so how about creating an alter ego? It worked for fellow Capricorns David Bowie, Tracey Ullman and Marilyn Manson, so why not you? Put your talents on display, and don’t be afraid to cause a stir with your original ideas. Better you should stand out like a sore thumb than risk fading into the background!
Aquarius: Bare your soul, Aquarius, but do so selectively. Today’s harmonious hookup of daring Mars and intimate Pluto gives you the courage to be vulnerable. You’ve been known to hide your feelings behind a mask of nonchalant cool. But your relationships suffer when you pretend—or convince yourself—to be “fine” with all that’s going on around you. Tune in to your emotions and give them some airtime. The sooner is always the better so they don’t build up and erupt like hot lava from a volcano! Today you’re in a great place to speak from the heart without overheating.
Pisces: “What I cannot love, I overlook. Is that real friendship?” That statement by Pisces poet Anais Nin is a poignant question for you today—particularly as feisty Mars glides into a supportive alignment with probing Pluto. While you don’t want to nitpick with the ones you adore, it may be an act of kindness to vocalize your genuine concern. As a Pisces, you’re blessed with the necessary compassion to deliver this constructive advice and maybe share some resources that were helpful for you. Just do so privately. That way, your friend won’t feel ganged up on.

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