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Daily Horoscopes for September 29

Aries: You’ve been working so hard, Aries, but ever since karmic Saturn turned retrograde in your career house on May 11, you’ve had to deal with frustrating delays, stalled progress, even a couple setbacks. Today, as the taskmaster planet pivots back into direct motion, you’ll start to see results for all your hustling. You can take solace in the fact that while Saturn’s lessons are often difficult, they’re never frivolous. Any plans and goals that managed to withstand the constant whiplash of the past four and a half months (not to mention a freaking pandemic!) should be solid enough to propel you forward. In the days to come, you may finally get the recognition you deserve—quite possibly with perks!
Taurus: Can you feel the relief, Taurus? Saturn, the planet of boundaries and limits, has been retrograde in Capricorn and your ninth house of expansion since May 11, stymying your personal and professional growth and grounding some big plans. This has been frustrating, but the good news is that it all turns around today. Saturn moves forward, dissolving the barriers you’ve been banging into since spring. Aim for the stars again—and make sure you distill the lessons from the road. This three-year Saturn cycle (which lasts until December 17, 2020) is like a master class in success, helping you build up the stamina you need to reach your target.
Gemini: Ever since Saturn, the karmic judge and taskmaster, went retrograde on May 11, it’s been tough to know who to trust. An intense little voice in your head may have been questioning the viability of a business or romantic relationship—despite all signs to the contrary. Today, thankfully, Saturn moves forward again, quieting the invasive chatter. Instead of worrying about the future, you can get back into the driver’s seat and start co-creating your desired outcome. If you’ve exhausted all options, however, Saturn’s pivot gives you the strength to move on. If there’s hope, start setting mutually agreed-upon ground rules and expectations.
Cancer: Relationship relief: incoming! Today, stoic Saturn ends a retrograde that began on May 11 in Capricorn and your seventh house of partnerships. For the past four-plus months, you may have felt unsettled or heavy about a commitment. Maybe you had to deal with drama from an old flame or unexpected fluctuations from people you were dating. As Saturn corrects course, partnerships sink back into a more predictable groove. You’ll be happy about that as long as the structure doesn’t feel stifling. Plan those date nights, but leave some room for spontaneity too! As for that ex—or the date that keeps stringing you along? Ignore, delete and block. Better options await.
Leo: Have unhealthy habits crept in this summer, Leo? With taskmaster Saturn snoozing in your wellness zone since May 11, the occasional frose may have swelled into a nightly habit (times three) while your fitness routine moved in the opposite direction. Onward and upward! As the planet of discipline corrects course, you’re ready to make big changes starting today. Break out the Babici, climb on your bike and get yourself back on top of the leaderboard in your live-streaming Peloton. Stock the fridge with fresh produce and protein drinks. You’ll be back to beast mode before you know it.
Virgo: Your relationships with everyone—including your own creative muse—have been getting strained and tested ever since restrictive Saturn went retrograde on May 11. So you’ll be happy to hear that today, Saturn corrects course and powers forward in your fifth house of romance and self-expression. Your swagger will slowly but surely return, and you’ll soon reignite the deep Virgo passion that’s been harder to tap into since spring. Structure is Saturn’s keyword. Put some rituals in place to support your desires, like weekly date nights and band rehearsals.
Libra: You know you’re right about how to handle a sticky situation, but an argument about it with a close friend or relative (or roommate) has gone on long enough. Saturn, which has been retrograde since May 11, goes direct in Capricorn, clearing away the domestic strife. A houseguest who has overstayed her welcome could announce she’s moving, or you might finally find a plumber who can handle that long-needed repair. Do what you do best, Libra: Keep calm and carry on.
Scorpio: If life’s felt a bit off since Saturn, the planet of karma and boundaries, went retrograde on May 11, take heart. Your attempts to strategize will no longer morph into visions of apocalypse as Saturn turns direct in Capricorn today. This positive pivot frees up your heart and mind to set goals and deadlines and tackle them with characteristic efficiency and discipline. You’ve done the work, and you have what it takes to excel at a writing, teaching or media project that could take your career to the next level.
Sagittarius: Time to get your fiscal fitness back on point, Sag. Disciplined Saturn resumes direct motion in your second house of work and money after turning retrograde on May 11. Staying on budget hasn’t been easy since spring. You may even feel like you’re living beyond your means or that you just want to earn more—or do more with your paycheck. With Saturn back on track, it’s time to make a wealth-building plan. Don’t sweat any setbacks that occurred. Use what you’ve learned over the past four-plus months to move forward in your career and beef up your portfolio. Be proactive in seeking advice from a coach or financial adviser who can see opportunities you’re missing.
Capricorn: Since December 19, 2017, Saturn, the planet of karmic justice (and your cosmic ruler), has been parked in your sign, forcing you to examine and begin to rebuild major areas of your life. This reinvention hasn’t been comfortable, and Saturn’s retrograde period beginning May 11 hasn’t made it any easier. Even if you had moments when you felt like your passion projects would never get off the ground, you can exhale today as Saturn corrects course. You have ten more weeks of hosting the cosmic drill sergeant, and he’s teaching you a master class in stamina. Keep on pushing because, with dedication and persistence, Saturn’s gifts—abiding security, stability and success—are in store during this cycle, which lasts until December 17.
Aquarius: You can breathe now, Aquarius. Your co-ruler Saturn—the taskmaster that shows us where we should keep on pushing—ends a retrograde that began on May 11. From now until December 17, he’ll push forward in your twelfth house of healing and completion, helping you tie up some loose ends for good and do the deepest healing of your life. Don’t suffer in silence or let resentment fester. Start planning a meditative weekend in the woods or another type of vision quest. Set up weekly sessions with a great coach or therapist and get all those medical issues taken care of.
Pisces: Loyalty has its limits, Pisces, and since stern Saturn flipped retrograde on May 11, you’ve been having doubts about whether to stick with a certain group. Maybe their values are veering in a different direction from yours, or your shared goals are floundering due to lack of participation. Frustrating for you, the zodiac’s most supportive sign? Definitely. But take heart. Saturn turns direct today in your eleventh house of collaboration, helping you figure out next steps. If you decide it’s time to break ties, exit with cool Piscean composure. But first, ask yourself this: Could this shared effort be salvaged with a smarter structure?

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