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Daily Horoscopes for November 15

Aries: Welcome to Oz, Aries. Today, your ruling planet, Mars, shifts into Pisces and your surreal twelfth house, supersizing your imaginative powers until the very last moments of 2018 on December 31. On the one hand, this can make you boundlessly creative. You’ll dream in 4-D, seeing colorful possibilities where before you only saw despair. Mars’ motivating energy could also prompt you to clean house in a major way. Let go of excess, from the clutter in your junk drawers to the obligations that are no longer serving you. Warning: Moving on could stir up emotions like guilt, anger or even shame. Parse through these feelings over the next six weeks, working with wise counselors and mentors as your guides.
Taurus: All for one and one for all! Motivator Mars tours Pisces and your teamwork zone until the very last moments of 2018 on December 31, creating an exciting time to collaborate. Although you’ll have to share the glory, you stand a better chance of taking your mission to the finish line when you join forces with others. Online searches can also lead you to potential allies. But screen your dream team carefully. Hasty Mars could cause you to overlook some glaring conflicts of interest. Pisces rules your tech sector, so research devices and software that can speed up your processes.
Gemini: Power suit? Check! Today, go-getter Mars zooms into Pisces and your tenth house of ambition, revving up your professional plans until the last moments of 2018 on December 31. Career comes first with Mars here, and you may even schedule your socializing around strategic networking opportunities. Plant yourself among the movers and shakers; celebrate the holidays with the elite. A game-changing connection could happen while you’re sipping bubbles in the VIP lounge. Stress levels can also rise during this cycle, so if you’re going to burn the midnight oil, at least take regular breaks. And keep up your fitness routine to stay strong and vital for your missions.
Cancer: Pack your bags, Cancer! With go-getter Mars cruising into Pisces and your adventurous ninth house until the very last moments of 2018 on December 31, you’ll go from homebody to jetsetter in 0.2 seconds! Fresh faces, new places: This is an ideal time for traveling internationally or doing an apartment swap with a friend in another city. But even if you’re grounded at home base, you can still add more flavor to your life. Mingle with new crowds of people, the more diverse the better. Travel in the figurative sense with weekend workshops and classes.
Leo: Out of sight, out of mind? Fiery Mars slips into your eighth house of secrets and seduction until the end of 2018 on December 31. Put a firm privacy policy in place because during this cycle, delicate matters should be dealt with behind closed doors. If your mojo’s been in slow-mo, you could heat up like a furnace! But pursue your attractions strategically—a little cat-and-mouse game can be fun. Warning: Intense feelings like jealousy or even a nefarious attraction could overtake you. Cool down before you act on them to avoid burning bridges. After the holidays, this Mars cycle helps you focus on an area of life that’s ready for an extreme makeover. Time for a transformation, Leo!
Virgo: No (wo)man is an island, Virgo. With spicy Mars moving through your house of partnerships until NYE, you’ll be eager to pair up before 2018 wraps. Relationships become a big priority in your life over the coming six weeks—and fierce Mars makes you more of a pursuer than a distancer. If your love life is on the rocks, fearless Mars helps you confront the issue directly. Tone down aggression, however, so you build bridges instead of burning them. In platonic partnerships, be more cooperative, giving other people’s ideas a fair shot. You’re a smart cookie, but you can be a know-it-all at times. A happy hybrid could be reached if you’d just listen.
Libra: Pre-holiday workout, anyone? Energizer Mars bursts into your house of healthy living until the final hours of 2018, motivating a final round of wellness resolutions. Work can be demanding during this six-week phase—all the more reason to burn it off at Spin or Pilates. And there’s no time for sugar crashes, so hit the salad bar before snacking on the cookie tray. Ready to bring some order to your court? Clean, green and serene is your holy trinity until NYE (and beyond). Don ye now the rubber gloves and tackle some of those messy areas of your life. Scrub your friend circle, too, because you just don’t have time to play therapist or savior to those self-destructive people who keep getting into jam after jam.
Scorpio: No one puts Scorpio in the corner! Fierce, feisty Mars moves into your fifth house of fame until the end of 2018, pumping you up with starpower. For a change, you’d rather be on center stage than quietly observing from that dark corner booth. You might literally head to an audition or captivate the crowds at an open mic night. Prefer to let your work speak for itself? Find outlets to put your latest creations on display. Cupid will be a regular companion during this red-hot Mars cycle. Go on an unapologetic dating spree or stock the shared calendar with seasonal outings for you and your S.O. Feeling frustrated with your “other half”? Watch that temper, Scorpio; your complaints could come across as cruel or aggressive if you unleash them in the heat of the moment.
Sagittarius: Home sweet home…or inferno? Fiery Mars camps out in your domestic sector until the final day of 2018, December 31, bringing both excitement and aggravation to your nest. On the one hand, Chateau Sagittarius could become a lively hub for dinner parties, out-of-town-visitors and neighborhood gatherings. But try not to overload your social calendar because you’ll need more privacy. Since family drama could heat up with Mars here, plan your holiday socializing—and seating charts—carefully. If you’re in the market for a move, Mars will fuel your tanks for the house-hunting mission. Happily nested? This cycle brings momentum for a deep cleaning mission. You might get the urge to play interior designer, but wait until Mercury ends its retrograde (which starts tomorrow and lasts until December 6) before knocking down any walls!
Capricorn: Speak your truth! Fiery Mars moves into your communication sector for six weeks, which can make you a powerful orator. Fearless Mars can also help you expand your social circle. Drop the red velvet rope and let new people join your tour de force. Duos become dynamic—or dynamite—under Mars’ influence. You’ll either be collaborating brilliantly or butting heads with your partners-in-crime between now and New Year’s Eve. Cooperation won’t come easily, so it’s important to clearly delineate responsibilities to avoid conflicts. You might even draw up a contract or spell things out in a spreadsheet for the sake of clarity.
Aquarius: Go-getter Mars cruises into your money zone for six weeks, blessing you with the Midas touch. Your thoughts could be consumed by business as the year ends, so don’t ignore any professional prompts. Tweak your LinkedIn profile and set up lunch meetings with people you want to connect with before 2018 wraps. Although your salary may increase before the end of Q4, Mars’ agitating energy can also lead to overspending, especially when it comes to luxury items. Tension with coworkers may heat up, too, especially if you get a little too “Martian” on them (read: bossy, aggressive and intimidating). Don’t forget your role is as the zodiac’s team player, Aquarius, not its military dictator.
Pisces: Mermaid on fire! Red-hot Mars grooves into Pisces until December 31, blessing you with added passion and heat. If you’ve been dragging your fins, it’s time to rise to the surface and get into action. You’re finally ready to tackle the bigger changes you want to make in your life—when you’re not being the life of the seasonal party circuit, of course. Motivator Mars only visits your sign every other year, so don’t squander the opportunity to get personal projects into motion, holidays and all. Caution: Because stress levels can rise when Mars visits your sign, get a fitness plan in place to keep yourself clear and energized.

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