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Daily Horoscopes for February 22

Aries: Tie up loose ends and get things in order, Aries. The moon spends its last day of the month in your hardworking second house, and you need to work like an efficiency expert. Later in the day, la luna beams into Gemini and your social third house, rousing your inner bon vivant. Round up the troops for a night on the town or see who might be willing to host an impromptu dinner party. Keep things light and fun, and leave the grandstanding and debating to the politicians.

Taurus: Did you accidentally open up a can of worms by inviting your friends to comment on a hot-button issue in your life? If so, close the opinion polls now! Input from one or two people who know you well is fine and good, but letting tout le monde chime in on your personal life can easily spin out of control. Now it’s time to cordially thank everyone for their feedback and let them know you can take it from here. But before you move on, take a minute (or an hour) to consider how you’re presenting yourself to the world, Taurus. People love being asked for their opinions, but they’ll hold you in higher regard if you come off as a confident, capable person.

Gemini: Something stuck in your craw, Gemini? You can pick—and pick and PICK—at it, or you can make an executive decision to let it go once and for all. Don’t get caught up on who’s in the right here. Even if it’s unequivocally YOU, isn’t peace of mind more important than scoring that one point? Take the high road and extend the olive branch—or just agree to disagree. You’ll feel lighter and happier, and in the mood to celebrate later in the day when la luna moves into Gemini for the next few days. Hello, independence!

Cancer: Catch up on your emails and return those phone calls early in the day, while the moon is in your collaborative eleventh house. You’ve still got the bandwidth to deal with other people (and their issues)—but you may not by the end of the day, when la luna shifts into Gemini and your restful, meditative twelfth house. If you’ve signed on for a group dinner, find a gracious way to bow out. Then make some calls and see which of your favorite spas can squeeze you in for a hot-stone massage…before you head home for a hot date with Hulu.

Leo: Keep on keepin’ on, Leo! You’ve still got some steam left in you, so while the moon finishes its tour of determined Taurus and your career corner, get ‘er done! This way you can punch out on a high note. As the moon changes signs into gregarious Gemini, round up any colleagues who are still pushing papers or call some friends to meet you for happy hour at the local pub. Keep the guest list open. You never know which fresh face could be your next creative partner—or amour!

Virgo: The squeaky wheel may get the oil, Virgo, but if you make TOO much noise, you could get typecast as impossible to please. Not that you should keep quiet about important issues. But are you bringing them to the proper “complaints department?” Today you may realize that you need to reach higher up the chain of command to actually get something done. When the moon shifts into your influential tenth house midday, you could have the ear of an important decision maker. Time is of the essence! Be prepared with a few, concise bullet points instead of unleashing a long story. For best results, brainstorm a few solutions to suggest!

Libra: There’s a reward in store for riding out the morning’s choppy emotional waves. Later in the day the moon leaves your intense eighth house, cruising into lighthearted Gemini and your fun-loving ninth house for two and a half days. Nothing will help your case of wanderlust—so find a way to mix up your routines. Even planning a trip for the weekend will keep you psyched and make the drudgery a little less soporific. If you can’t get away, widen your horizons culturally or intellectually with a foreign film or engaging lecture.

Scorpio: Two for the road? Your mind is on all kinds of partnerships today, Scorpio, thanks to the moon’s tour of your seventh house of unions. Later in the day, that emphasis only strengthens, as la luna cranks it up a notch by flowing into your intense eighth house. Emotions could get heavy, and knowing your sign’s urge to merge, be careful not to lose yourself in a strong person’s field. Stay grounded in your own life and passions, and be mindful of where you might be treating a mere mortal like some omnipotent guru.

Sagittarius: Anyone can criticize, Archer, but constructive feedback would be far more useful to the other party. Early today, the moon finishes its run in high-touch Taurus and your detail-minded sixth house. If you’ve got something to say, make sure you coat it with a little honey—or at least strip off the harsh acerbic finish. Later in the day, when la luna shifts into charming Gemini and your partnership corner, you’ll see firsthand how many more flies you’ll catch this way—and how much nicer that is for YOU.

Capricorn: Are you monitoring quality, Capricorn—or slipping dangerously close into Queen of Hearts terrain? With the moon in your theatrical fifth house, you might be ratcheting the tension up a few too many notches. It may feel as if nothing and no one can live up to your exacting standards—super frustrating! But that’s not your cue to cry “Off with their heads!” There IS a method to your genius, Capricorn. Your challenge is to put it into words. Later in the day, when la luna shifts into communicative Gemini and your level-headed sixth house, you’ll be able to spell out instructions without coming off as tyrannical or (yikes!) condescending.

Aquarius: Don’t be fooled by the slow, sleepy start your morning gets off to. The moon changes signs today, shifting from a mellow, domestic-bliss kind of day into a celebratory party mood that won’t quit till the weekend. Think twice before leaving the house in super-casual clothes. You may find yourself rushing home at lunch to slip into something far more festive once evening plans have been made. Hit that buzzy artist’s gallery opening or log some facetime at an industry event. On the romance front, whether you’re single or spoken for, this Gemini moon offers a sunny forecast for the next few days.

Pisces: Don’t put all your eggs in one friend basket, Pisces. No one can satisfy all your needs—nor should you expect them to do so. There’s a reason you have a variety of people to do different things with. Early today, while the moon is still in your social third house, enjoy that diversity! Reach out to a few different connections and make plans for the rest of the week. Get to know “the new girl” at work by inviting her to lunch. Later in the day, the Pisces Palace is where it’s at. Call some of those pals, put a leaf in the table and throw a spontaneous potluck.

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