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Daily Horoscopes for March 23

Aries: Bewitched, bothered and bewildered! The moon and enchanting Neptune are in cahoots this Saturday, ratcheting up your powers of attraction. Although your spellbinding energy will draw a captive audience, beam it like a laser—sharp and direct. A few random fans might be the type to develop (glug) expectations. The last thing you need right now is an awkward “didn’t mean to lead you on” conversation. If you’re just looking for a little fun, be up-front that this is a no-strings-attached kind of thing. Sunday’s Mercury-Neptune alignment helps you map out a rational plan for a far-fetched idea. This vision could even come to you in the middle of the night or during a daydream. Keep a notebook or capture tool in your bag (and on your nightstand!) to record the brilliance. Or, if genius has already struck, use Sunday to research production costs and timelines. The behind-the-scenes work you do could make your plan seem a lot more doable. Eureka!
Taurus: Are your friends being as supportive as possible about your relationship goals? Maybe you just want to vent about your S.O. or a bad date without getting an earful of unsolicited advice this Saturday. But don’t assume they aren’t being your champions if they point things out that you don’t want to hear. There may be a reason they’re feeling protective of you, Taurus—and it could be the way that YOU are presenting the story. Launching into a colorful tale could mean drumming up needless worry from your cheering squad. Consider your audience before you unload! On Sunday, dive into the think tank as no-limits Neptune and savvy Mercury activate your genius AND your team spirit. Let the other brilliant minds in your world weigh in on your latest plan and give them full permission to dish out uncensored feedback. Although some critiques might make you cringe, it’s better to consider the useful input now before you risk making a costly misstep. Don’t be surprised if a few of your allies ask to get in on your plan. Retain ownership (and leadership!) but consider making this more of a team effort.
Gemini: Variety is the spice of a Gemini’s life, which means repetitive tasks can send you over the edge. Alas, some routines are unavoidable. Here’s an idea: What if you reframed them as rituals? Paying the bills can be a gratitude ceremony, for example. Play music, light a scented candle and set yourself up with a mug of tea. With each payment you send off, give thanks for the funds that put a roof over your head and give you light throughout the house. Instead of rushing through meal prep, allow yourself a bigger window of time to enjoy picking the flavorings, plating the food and savoring each bite. Step into the role of the compassionate leader on Sunday. Dreamy Neptune and expressive Mercury align in your career sector, handing you the scepter and prodding you to take charge—gently. Stop censoring yourself, Gemini. Your creative ideas are worth their weight in platinum, so do what it takes to get your team aligned with your vision. You’re blessed with the gift of gab, but no hardcore sales pitch needed Sunday. Just speak from the heart, and you’ll get ’em on board.
Cancer: Expand your reach, Cancer. The borders are open on Saturday, thanks to a cooperative angle between the moon and no-limits Neptune. Instead of targeting the same crowd, mingle in different circles both online and in real time. If you’re on a dating app, try searching a few miles further from base. Seeking work or a new home? It wouldn’t hurt to check out the listings in another city, if only for the sake of “comparison shopping.” If you admire someone’s talents, post a compliment on their Instagram feed. You could strike up a connection across the miles. On Sunday, compassionate Neptune and communicative Mercury merge in your truth-telling ninth house. If you DO need to have an honest talk, this transit helps you weigh in without crushing anyone’s ego. Need a break from all the personal dramas? Pack up the car and take off for a one-day road trip. Even a few hours in a quaint antiquing town—or walking through a park—can help you put it all back into perspective before you head back to the grind.
Leo: Does something just feel “off”—or so very “on”? This Saturday, your intuition gets a razor-sharp reboot from the moon and Neptune. Don’t ignore that little voice in your head, whether it’s talking to you in a whisper or a scream. You owe it to yourself to investigate further. Hey Leo, you might just waltz into the opportunity of a lifetime. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but the Lion can handle the truth. Just remember: You don’t actually know how the situation will turn out until you do the detective work. Go in with an open mind, and everything will be illuminated. There will be no shortage of admiring stares on Sunday as enchanting Neptune syncs up with expressive Mercury and makes you as seductive as a snake charmer. Be selective about where you beam your attention. While it’s flattering to be admired, you don’t want to get stuck with an annoying superfan who doesn’t actually light your fire. On the plus side, this alignment helps you forge a deeper level of intimacy with a mysterious and intriguing soul. A tantalizing conversation could last well past sundown!
Virgo: Saturday’s alignment of the moon and enchanting Neptune blesses you with the gift of gab. Time to seal those deals, Virgo! You’ll have people eating out of the palm of your hand. While you want to present everything in the most favorable light, don’t get carried away with poetic license. Eventually people will find out if you’ve embellished the truth, and that can weaken their faith in you. Start by listing the pros, but make sure people are also aware of the cons. Your transparency will inspire trust. If a certain relationship has been drifting along on autopilot, Sunday’s Mercury-Neptune merger helps you gently get your hands back on the wheel. Don’t forget: Energy is kinetic. The small efforts you make to spice things can snap a lazy friend or lover out of a daze. Research restaurants or evening shows, forward an invite, make a move that clearly expresses how much you care. Share your preferences, even if they differ from the flock’s. When you’re transparent, people know how to please you.
Libra: Having trouble sticking to your routines, Libra? Perhaps they’ve become too punishing or impractical for your current lifestyle. You don’t have to give up on your fitness goals just because you no longer have time for your favorite 90-minute class. Download an app with guided at-home yoga classes or effective 15-minute HIIT workouts. Pin some healthy recipe inspo while you’re at it. With just a little extra planning, you can nourish yourself with meals that are good for your body AND your taste buds. Sunday’s Mercury-Neptune merger in your health zone helps you bring more accountability AND enjoyment into your wellness plan. While it’s helpful to track your food and exercise, the numbers alone won’t inspire you into spring-training mode. On Sunday, you could stumble upon a class that you fall in love with, one that incorporates dancing, swimming or yoga (all Neptune-inspired modalities). Who says “no pain, no gain” is the only way?
Scorpio: Saturday’s moon-Neptune formation punches your glamour card. Have fun being fashion-forward, even if you’re just adding a dramatic accessory. If you’re ready to freshen things up for spring, book the salon appointments and go comb the racks. You’ll probably want to wait until Mercury turns direct on March 28 to make any lasting changes, but in the meanwhile, here’s an idea: Begin by shopping in your own closet with the aid of a professional stylist. With a little curating, you may discover that all you actually need are a couple key staples to make everything pop. Sunday’s meetup of social Mercury and enchanting Neptune in your fame sector beams the cosmic spotlight your way. Shake off the tension by accepting (or orchestrating) an upscale social invitation. Feeling more solitary? This sartorially inspired day was made for treasure hunting at boutiques and consignment shops. Make a budget because you’re sure to unearth a few mind-blowing finds. Post them on Insta and cement your status as a stylish influencer.
Sagittarius: Ruby slippers? Check. Saturday could find even the most peripatetic Archer longing for a sense of home. Putting down roots doesn’t mean giving up your beloved nomadic ways. As Sagittarius Joan Didion wrote, “You have to pick the places you don’t walk away from.” A stable base can be a powerful launching pad for your worldly explorations. This weekend, bring a little magic back to your nest, whether you’re sprucing up the space with sacred touches or saving potential homes on Zillow. It never hurts to see what’s out there. On Sunday, a female friend or family member could use your special brand of tell-it-like-it-is candor. With messenger Mercury connecting to intuitive Neptune, you’ll know just what to say to snap your girl out of that daze. Don’t feel obligated to dole out advice, though. With flowy Neptune in the mix, distracting yourselves with an amazing meal and a film could be the perfect therapy.
Capricorn: Saturday’s planets put a little pep into your step—and your sales pitch. Pause from productivity mode to drum up enthusiasm for your cause. People’s motivation may be flagging, but that’s nothing one of your spirited talks can’t change. Presenting a new idea? Play up the positives FIRST, then you can bullet-point the potential pitfalls. That way, you’ll keep people in a receptive frame of mind as they consider your offer. On Sunday, tap the brakes on a project that has been snowballing out of control. What’s the rush, Capricorn? Racing to formulate a tightly laid-out plan could suck the joy out of the process. With clever Mercury and quixotic Neptune aligned on Sunday, suspend logic and let your imagination have a say. If your right brain needs a jolt, jump into a dance class, read fiction or break out the watercolors and paint for painting’s sake.
Aquarius: You’re cleared for takeoff, Aquarius! Saturday’s cosmic concord between the moon and no-limits Neptune will remove a major obstacle from your path. Act swiftly but subtly. It’s too soon to draw attention to your agenda; in fact, doing so today could rile up a competitor you didn’t even know you had. Careful with your spending as you move toward this goal. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to shell out some cash, but comparison shopping will help you snag the best possible price. Stop and smell the roses on Sunday—and maybe write a blog post or poem about your experience. Expressive Mercury makes its annual connection with enchanting Neptune in Pisces and your sensuous second house. The richness of life lies in the present, especially if you slow down and tune in to the details. Little luxuries inspire you—especially ones that are hand-prepared or bespoke. Splurge on lunch at that live-foods restaurant; try on an “almost spring” dress and, if necessary, have it tailored to fit.
Pisces: You’re a powerful presence this Saturday, Pisces—just watch the heads swivel when you walk into the room! Use this influential energy to drum up support for one of your expansion plans. Money could flow in for a pet project, or you could convince your boss to let you work from home a couple days a week. Maybe you’re hoping to sway your partner into an adventurous 2019 vacation like trekking the Camino de Santiago or exploring Mayan ruins. Instead of downplaying your desires, shoot for the moon! With expressive Mercury and your celestial guardian Neptune synced up in Pisces Sunday, you’ll get some help with verbalizing your desires. Don’t just stick to tame requests. The stars are on your side if you want to pitch a bold idea or make a big ask. Lean in to the power of inspiration. Help people visualize how dreamy the future could be if they get on-board with your plan. With crafty Mercury mingling with creatrix Neptune, you may be inspired to hop into a weekend workshop. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to macrame, throw on a pottery wheel or salsa dance, carpe diem!

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