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Daily Horoscopes for October 16

Aries: Sweeten your truth serum with a dose of compassion this Saturday. As the moon clashes with Venus in outspoken Sagittarius, your “helpful feedback” could come across as an unintentional low blow. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you step on that soapbox or launch into a “what you NEED to do…” diatribe. If you find yourself on the receiving end of self-righteous preaching, politely but firmly excuse yourself. On Sunday, the Libra Sun squares off with shadowy Pluto. If you’re about to take a partnership to the next level, you may realize there are matters that need to be addressed first. This could be anything from settling a tired old argument to something more serious, like resolving issues from your childhood that still interfere with intimacy. It’s worth investing the time and energy into healing, Aries. You’ll feel lighter once you’ve shed that baggage.
Taurus: The green-eyed monster could be the uninvited guest at the party on Saturday as the moon gets into a tense standoff with Venus. You could go to dramatic lengths to get attention—or find yourself on the receiving end of someone’s triggering antics. Unless you want tempers to blaze, avoid provoking jealousy…or giving in to it! Remove yourself from the situation and go cool down. Better you should vent to a compassionate friend than make any moves you’ll regret. On Sunday, as the hedonistic Sun squares vice-loving Pluto, temptation could take you down an excessive path. But what are you stuffing down in the process? You may be numbing fears that need to be addressed—and not with a prescription of bottomless mimosas. Since willpower will be absent, steer clear of situations that have “slippery slope” written all over them.
Gemini: On Saturday, your get-‘er-done dreams could be dashed by an uncooperative person. Just when it’s “all systems go,” they throw a wrench into the works! What is this protest behavior all about? You could try to get to the root of it, but don’t spend too long playing therapist. This may be a ploy for attention that’s better served by not giving it too much energy. You want to let your hair down on Sunday, but thanks to a tangled angle between the Sun and Pluto, a possessive person may be demanding your undivided attention. Don’t get sucked into their spiraling moods! You need an adventure that will lighten your spirits—not one that requires your full emotional bandwidth. Give yourself the break you need.
Cancer: Is that you in the critic’s corner, Cancer? You’ve got valuable feedback to share, but due to Saturday’s moon-Venus square, your words could hit a nerve. Unless people ask you to weigh in, it’s probably best to keep harsher insights to yourself. If you truly MUST share, find an empowering way to express yourself. It can help to buffer the observation in a “praise sandwich,” starting and ending with a compliment. Distance in a relationship could really bug you on Sunday as the Sun squares stormy Pluto. Careful not to blow this out of proportion, even if thinking about the situation makes you teary-eyed. While you may feel “abandoned,” people have busy lives. Instead of assuming that a friend has forgotten you or a relative doesn’t care, how about reaching out? For all you know, they may be struggling with an issue of their own. This could be the perfect day for a cathartic chat.
Leo: Caution: Mood swings ahead. As the moon locks horns with Venus on Saturday, you could wake up on the wrong side of the bed. While there are plenty of external forces to blame, some of your irritability may stem from unprocessed emotions. Ah, you can run but you can’t hide, Lion. Instead of avoiding those uncomfortable feelings, sort them out over brunch with your wise friends. If you’re feeling ignored, don’t stir up drama just for drama’s sake. There are better ways to get a reaction than making someone jealous or pushing their buttons. On Sunday, the energizing Sun is in Libra and your third house of communication, where it’s squaring off with nefarious Pluto. You’ll be tempted to pass along some juicy gossip, but you know how this goes. Trash-talking people (even if they deserve it) tarnishes YOUR reputation and makes you seem untrustworthy. Do something to make your life more interesting and you won’t have time for the tea.
Virgo: Saturday’s moon-Venus square tugs on your heartstrings, but warning! People can take advantage of your kindness if you aren’t careful. You may be the sign of service, Virgo, but you’re nobody’s doormat. Set boundaries with people who try to walk all over you. You can offer encouragement, but DON’T rush to fix their problems FOR them! Your regimented sign functions best when you stick to a plan, a routine and a budget. But on Sunday, you might rebel against your own overly managed life. A friend could ask for a last-minute favor that eats up your time, or you may be tempted to “shop off” a day of chores instead of preparing for the week ahead. No instant gratification is worth derailing your progress, Virgo, but this mini-crisis could be a cry for balance. Make room for moderation so you can enjoy working AND playing hard.
Libra: Are you blurring the line between fact and opinion? Saturday’s Pisces moon clashes with your ruler, Venus, who is parked in your communication sector. Your relationship to a certain situation might be questionable, so check your facts before you sound off. This transit can make it hard to see the truth about anything—or anyone. Even if it feels like an instant lovefest, hold back a few details and remember that time will tell. Temper that “my way or the highway” attitude on Sunday, Libra. The Sun in your sign is squaring off with controlling Pluto, causing you to act stubborn and rebellious. Before you pick a fight, make sure the battle is actually worth it. Do you need to clear up unresolved resentment or anger? As much as you dislike confrontation, deal with it diplomatically and directly—and be willing to own your part in any conflicts.
Scorpio: Diplomacy could fly right out the window this Saturday as the moon sideswipes Venus. While it might feel good to get feelings off your chest, your emotions are also running high. A strong reaction could upset the stable balance of a relationship. Maybe you’re stressed about money or feeling pressured in your job. Before you fly off the handle, go do something fun to blow off steam. It doesn’t have to cost much, or anything at all. Laughter IS the best medicine. On Sunday, with the Sun in your house of hidden agendas forming a tough angle to your ruler Pluto, you’ll be ready to defend yourself against any perceived threats. You don’t take kindly to others invading your territory or taking credit for your ideas, Scorpio. A conflict with a colleague, friend or sibling could arise, and the only way to handle it is by getting to the bottom of it. You might realize your perception is wrong, but if it isn’t, dive in and address the issue.
Sagittarius: Don’t go rocking the boat on Saturday! As congenial Venus clashes with the moon, you want to stand strong for your beliefs and needs. But your convictions could waver—and you might not have the inner fortitude to fight. Take a day for self-care if you need, but don’t sell out. Pamper yourself and get back onto the battlefield next week! With the life-giving Sun in Libra and your free-spirited eleventh house on Sunday, you’ll be full of big ideas, but a tense square to shadowy Pluto in your stable second house delivers a reality check. It’s not that you shouldn’t have grand dreams, Sagittarius—those travels, business ideas and visionary projects are all achievable. It’s just that nothing will happen without a proper plan. Instead of just diving in and winging it, take the time to think it through from every possible angle. And don’t forget to rough out a budget!
Capricorn: Be careful not to step onto a passive-aggressive minefield on Saturday. If you sense sarcasm or distance in a conversation, call it out! Open dialogue is the only way to resolve this, but the other party might not realize that you are amenable to hashing things out. Be more direct in your own communications. If you want to get a message across, don’t expect people to read your mind! (Unless, of course, they’re also Capricorns.) On Sunday, the Sun is in Libra, your tenth house of ambition, where it’s forming a tangled angle to controlling Pluto. If anyone tries to patronize you with condescending career suggestions or attempts to micromanage you, you’ll take offense. But swallow your pride and listen to what’s being said—you could miss out on some legitimate advice if you don’t keep an open mind.
Aquarius: A little cooperation would be so helpful—but under Saturday’s moon-Venus square, it could be hard to come by. Even if you begin with a simple plan, getting others to play along will prove challenging. There could be in-fighting among key members of the group. Pass the talking stick but know that someone might be arguing just for argument’s sake. Too much democracy could derail your goals. If you can’t reach consensus, don’t get stuck in a stalemate. Make an executive decision to keep things moving along. On Sunday, the urge to flee a job, relationship or uncomfortable situation could be overwhelming, and you might be wondering what else is out there. But deep-diving Pluto forces you to examine the real issue by tapping into your psyche. What are you really trying to escape, Aquarius? Figure it out before you pack your bags.
Pisces: Ego alert! Someone could be throwing their weight around on Saturday. Don’t be intimidated by swagger. Behind the name-dropping lies a hotbed of insecurity. Simultaneously, check any tendencies to inflate your achievements. If you want to be among the real “who’s who,” let your accomplishments speak for themselves. And if you’re still establishing yourself, your authenticity could charm someone into taking you under their wing. On Sunday, as the expressive Sun in your intimate eighth house squares off with transformational Pluto, you’re not about to open up to anyone you have full confidence in. You might be on the fence with a new friend or romantic interest, wondering if it’s worth the emotional exposure. You could also be worried about a financial investment paying off. Get to the heart of your hesitation and work through your trust issues—and don’t be afraid to ask people (including yourself) the really difficult questions.

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