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Daily Horoscopes for August 23

Aries: Home improvement time? With today’s moon forming a harmonious angle to beautifying Venus (your ruling planet) you’re in the mood to update your space. Inject Chateau Ram with fresh color in the form of accent pillows, a vibrant piece of art or a couple of coats of paint. Pretty up your work area, too. Even if you’ve got limited space, small changes can make a big difference. Think: fresh flowers, a framed print, or even a sentimental object or two.
Taurus: Today’s moon-Venus angle brings out your coquettish side in full force. Hold eye contact a few seconds longer than usual. Tantalize with a little subtle teasing. Touch the other person’s hand while speaking. If you’re getting the green light from the object of your affections, don’t hang back waiting to be asked out. Your directness will probably turn up the heat even more! Coupled? A little harmless flirting with others can be a good thing, Taurus—especially if you bring that sexy frisson of chemistry back home to your honey.
Gemini: Today’s gentle angle between the moon and indulgent Venus gives you the cosmic green light to pamper yourself. Smooth out some of the rough edges at work with an iced peppermint tea, the soothing scent of a jasmine candle, or a few drops of lavender oil on your temples. Rebook any obligations for the evening, and nurture yourself at Chez Gemini. Treat yourself to home-cooked comfort food, and then soak away the day’s stressors in a bubble bath. Then, curl up with your Kindle or call it an early night. Aaaahh.
Cancer: Time to get camera-ready, Crab! Today’s moon forms an auspicious angle to Venus, positioning you at center stage. The public could call on you to express your opinions, present your ideas or perform in some other way. While you have extra magnetism, don’t hang back waiting for an invitation. Take the bull by the horns: set up a vlog or even a one-off on YouTube—it could be the stuff viral videos are made of now!
Leo: Little things go a long way, Leo. Paying sharp attention to detail will help you thrive under today’s stars. Spending extra energy on the finer points can make a world of difference, bringing you closer to the finish line. Adding a few grace notes will bring your personal style up a notch. Invest in a bold accessory to update your summer-into-fall wardrobe, send a handwritten thank you note to a colleague or client, take time out of your day to compassionately support someone through a tough situation.
Virgo: Today’s moon-Venus sextile helps you inject a shared project with some light-heartedness. While it’s important to deal with the tasks at hand, you can still infuse the group dynamic with a little levity. Some people may be so focused on the logistics of getting ‘er done that it’s become tedious, bringing the rest of the crew down. Your role is to remind everyone to enjoy the process. Treat them to iced cappuccinos, start the morning meeting with a track from your favorite upbeat playlist, or even crack a silly joke or two. There’s nothing like laughter to lighten the vibe.
Libra: Let the ladies lead the way. Under today’s stars an influential female figure can provide you with a helping hand, so don’t be shy. Reach out! Or, get the wheels of inspiration turning by reading a memoir or an autobiography of a woman you admire. At the other end of the spectrum, you could be a powerful mentor for someone lower down the ladder than you are, most likely a girl or an ambitious young woman. Share your experience in the name of boosting this person up. What goes around comes around.
Scorpio: Eliminate any ambiguity today, Scorpio. If you want to inspire others to pitch in with your grand plan, it’s important they’re clear on your vision. Paint them a Technicolor picture that they’ll want to become a part of—even if you feel silly spelling it out in such granular detail. Leave the “worst-case scenario” talk out of it, and be optimistic. In other words, concentrate on what you want, not harping on what you don’t want to happen. Remember, the Law of Attraction helps you manifest what you focus on. Keep it positive!
Sagittarius: The wisdom of experience is worth its weight in gold. Under today’s stars, a cross-generational friendship could take center stage. You could be significantly older (or younger) than this person—or the other way around. As Gertrude Stein said, “We are always the same age inside.” Maybe you won’t have much to talk about when it comes to pop culture or your favorite bands, but you’ll share synergy on many other levels. Explore the possibilities, and enjoy getting to know each other.
Capricorn: A cross-cultural connection, be it personal or professional, thrives under today’s cosmos. Traveling Capricorns could strike up a spark with a local or a fellow jetsetter. Did you meet someone awesome on the road? You might not be able to get a person from previous travels out of your mind. Honor your intuition and reconnect. Send a WhatsApp message reminding them of a favorite memory. Rekindling your bond on video chat could inspire a real-time face-to-face reunion. Let the adventure commence!
Aquarius: Work those nuances, Aquarius. Today’s moon-Venus angle amps up your persuasive powers and subtle seduction. You’ll get much farther today with a softer, less direct approach. Instead of taking the bull by the horns and barking orders, drop hints and gently guide people down your desired path. If you’re dealing with rebellious types, phrase things in such a way that they believe they’re the ones with the brilliant brainchild. Reverse psychology is the key. It’s a roundabout way of doing things, but it’s a surefire strategy to get ’em on board.
Pisces: Let love rule today, Pisces. An amorous angle between the sensitive moon and amorous Venus infuses romance with extra oomph. While you may be used to sharing your deepest emotions with the object of your affections, the passionate energy of the day makes your time together feel that much more special. Pull out all the stops if you’re inspired. Surprise your sweetie with a just-because gift, or take time to write a thoughtful handwritten letter spritzed with your signature scent.

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