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50 State Quarters program

The 50 State Quarters program (Pub.L. 105-124, 111 Stat. 2534, enacted December 1, 1997) is the release of a series of commemorative coins by the United States Mint. Between 1999 and 2008, it is featuring each of the 50 individual U.S. states on unique designs for the reverse of the quarter and, by the passage of H.R. 2764, 2009 will feature the District of Columbia and the nation's five territories.
State Release Date
(Statehood Date)
Design Elements Depicted Engraver
Delaware January 1, 1999
(December 7, 1787)
Delaware quarter Caesar Rodney on horseback
Captions: "The First State," "Caesar Rodney"
William Cousins
Pennsylvania March 8, 1999
(December 12, 1787)
Pennsylvania quarter Commonwealth statue, state outline, keystone
Caption: "Virtue, Liberty, Independence"
John Mercanti
New Jersey May 17, 1999
(December 18, 1787)
New Jersey quarter Washington Crossing the Delaware which includes George Washington and James Monroe (holding flag)on: "Crossroads of the Revolution." Alfred Maletsky
Georgia July 19, 1999
(January 2, 1788)
Georgia quarter Peach, Banner with text: "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation" (the state motto) T. James Ferrell
Connecticut October 12, 1999
(January 9, 1788)
Connecticut quarter Charter Oak
Caption: "The Charter Oak"
T. James Ferrell
Massachusetts January 3, 2000
(February 6, 1788)
Massachusetts quarter The Caption: "The Bay State" Thomas D. Rodgers
Maryland March 13, 2000
(April 28, 1788)
Maryland quarter Dome of the Maryland state house, Caption: "The Old Line State" Thomas D. Rodgers
South Carolina May 22, 2000
(May 23, 1788)
South Carolina quarter Palmetto tree, Carolina Wren, Yellow Jessamine, state outline
Caption: "The Palmetto State"
Thomas D. Rodgers
New Hampshire August 7, 2000
(June 21, 1788)
New Hampshire quarter The Old Man of the Mountain, nine stars
Captions: "Old Man of the Mountain," "Live Free or Die"
William Cousins
Virginia October 16, 2000
(June 25, 1788)
Virginia quarter Ships Susan Constant, Godspeed, Discovery
Captions: "Jamestown, 1607-2007," "Quadricentennial"
Edgar Z. Steever
New York January 2, 2001
(July 26, 1788)
New York quarter Statue of Liberty, eleven stars, state outline with line tracing Hudson River and Erie Canal
Caption: "Gateway to Freedom"
Alfred Maletsky
North Carolina March 12, 2001
(November 21, 1789)
North Carolina quarter Wright Flyer, Wilbur and Orville Wright
Caption: "First Flight"
John Mercanti
Rhode Island May 21, 2001
(May 29, 1790)
Rhode Island quarter America's Cup yacht Reliance on Narragansett Bay, Pell Bridge
Caption: "The Ocean State"
Thomas D. Rodgers
Vermont August 6, 2001
(March 4, 1791)
Vermont quarter Maple trees with sap buckets, Camel's Hump Mountain
Caption: "Freedom and Unity"
T. James Ferrell
Kentucky October 15, 2001
(June 1, 1792)
Kentucky quarter Thoroughbred racehorse behind fence, Bardstown mansion, Federal Hill
Caption: "My Old Kentucky Home"
T. James Ferrell
Tennessee January 2, 2002
(June 1, 1796)
Tennessee quarter Fiddle, trumpet, guitar, musical score, three stars
Banner with text: "Musical Heritage."
Donna Weaver
Ohio March 18, 2002
(March 1, 1803)
Ohio quarter Wright Flyer, Astronaut (Neil Armstrong, first man on the Moon, is a native of Wapakoneta), state outline
Caption: "Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers"
Donna Weaver
Louisiana May 30, 2002
(April 30, 1812)
Louisiana quarter Pelican; trumpet with musical notes, outline of Louisiana Purchase on map of U.S.
Caption: "Louisiana Purchase"
John Mercanti
Indiana August 8, 2002
(December 11, 1816)
Indiana quarter IndyCar, state outline, 19 stars
Caption: "Crossroads of America"
Donna Weaver
Mississippi October 15, 2002
(December 10, 1817)
Mississippi quarter Two magnolia blossoms
Caption: "The Magnolia State"
Donna Weaver
Illinois January 2, 2003
(December 3, 1818)
Illinois quarter Young Abraham Lincoln; farm scene; Chicago skyline; state outline; 21 stars, 11 on left edge and 10 on right
Captions: "Land of Lincoln;" "21st state/century."
Donna Weaver
Alabama March 17, 2003
(December 14, 1819)
Alabama quarter Helen Keller, seated, longleaf pine branch, Magnolia blossoms
Banner with text: "Spirit of Courage"
Caption: "Helen Keller" in standard print and Braille.
Norman E. Nemeth
Maine June 2, 2003
(March 15, 1820)
Maine quarter Pemaquid Point Lighthouse; schooner at sea Donna Weaver
Missouri August 4, 2003
(August 10, 1821)
Missouri quarter Gateway Arch, Lewis and Clark returning down Missouri River
Caption: "Corps of Discovery 1804-2004."
Alfred Maletsky
Arkansas October 20, 2003
(June 15, 1836)
Arkansas quarter Diamond, rice stalks, mallard duck flying above a lake John Mercanti
Michigan January 26, 2004
(January 26, 1837)
Michigan quarter State outline, outline of Great Lakes system
Caption: "Great Lakes State"
Donna Weaver
Florida March 29, 2004
(March 3, 1845)
Florida quarter Spanish galleon, Sabal palm trees, Space Shuttle
Caption: "Gateway to Discovery"
T. James Ferrell
Texas June 1, 2004
(December 29, 1845)
Texas quarter State outline, star, rope
Caption: "The Lone Star State"
Norman E. Nemeth
Iowa August 30, 2004
(>December 28, 1846)
Iowa quarter Schoolhouse, teacher and students planting a tree,
Captions: "Foundation in Education", "Grant Wood"
John Mercanti
Wisconsin October 25, 2004
(May 29, 1848)
Wisconsin quarter Head of a cow, round of cheese and ear of corn.
Banner with text: "Forward"
Alfred Maletsky
California January 31, 2005
(September 9, 1850)
California quarter John Muir, California Condor, Half Dome, and Giant Sequoia
Captions: "John Muir," "Yosemite Valley"
Don Everhart
Minnesota April 4, 2005
(May 11, 1858)
Minnesota quarter Common loon, Fishing, state map
Caption: "Land of 10,000 Lakes"
Charles Vickers
Oregon June 6, 2005
(February 14, 1859)
Oregon quarter  Crater Lake National Park
Caption: "Crater Lake"
Norman Nemeth
Kansas August 29, 2005
(January 29, 1861)
Kansas quarter American Bison, Sunflowers Norman Nemeth
West Virginia October 14, 2005
(June 20, 1863)
West Virginia quarter New River Gorge Bridge
Caption: "New River Gorge"
John Mercanti
Nevada January 31, 2006
(October 31, 1864)
Nevada quarter Mustangs, mountains, rising sun, Banner with text: "The Silver State" Don Everhart
Nebraska April 3, 2006
(March 1, 1867)
Nebraska quarter Chimney Rock, covered wagon
Caption: "Chimney Rock"
Charles Vickers
Colorado June 14, 2006
(August 1, 1876)
Colorado quarter Longs Peak
Banner with text: "Colorful Colorado"
Norm Nemeth
North Dakota August 28, 2006
(November 2, 1889)
North Dakota quarter Bison, badlands Donna Weaver
South Dakota November 6, 2006
(November 2, 1889)
South Dakota quarter Mount Rushmore, Ring-necked Pheasant, Wheat John Mercanti
Montana January 29, 2007
(November 8, 1889)
Montana quarter Bison skull in the center with mountains and the Missouri River in the background.
Caption: "Big Sky Country"
Don Everhart
Washington April 11, 2007
(November 11, 1889)
Washington quarter Salmon leaping in front of Mount Rainier
Caption: "The Evergreen State"
Charles Vickers
Idaho June 5, 2007
(July 3, 1890)
Idaho quarter Caption: "Esto Perpetua" Donna Weaver
Wyoming September 4, 2007
(July 10, 1890)
Wyoming quarter Outline of a bucking bronco,
Caption: "The Equality State"
Norman E. Nemeth
Utah November 5, 2007
(January 4, 1896)
Utah quarter Golden Spike and the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad
Caption: Crossroads of the West
Joseph Menna
Oklahoma January 28, 2008
(November 16, 1907)
Oklahoma quarter Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, with Indian Blankets (the state wildflower) in background Phebe Hemphill
New Mexico April 7, 2008
(January 6, 1912)
New Mexico quarter State outline, Zia Sun Symbol from flag
Caption: "Land of Enchantment"
Don Everhart
Arizona June 2, 2008
(February 14, 1912)
Arizona quarter Grand Canyon, Saguaro closeup.
Caption: "Grand Canyon State"
Joseph Menna
Alaska August 23, 2008
(January 3, 1959)
Alaska quarter Grizzly bear (Ursa Major) with salmon and North Star
Caption: "The Great Land"
Charles Vickers
Hawaii November 4, 2008
(August 21, 1959)
Hawaii quarter Statue of Kamehameha I with state outline and motto
Caption: Ua Mau ke Ea o ka 'Δ€ina i ka Pono
Don Everhart

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